My curved basketball hoop always goes in
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I've wondered if it is possible to make a basketball hoop where the ball always goes in. Imagine throwing a ball and if it hits the backboard it somehow gets directed into the hoop. Thanks to physics it isn't quite possible to make ALL possible shots go in though you can make a hoop where the ball goes in a lot more often. In this video I show how I wrote a program to calculate the optical backboard then machined and fabricated it. It worked out better than I was expected so I'm really happy with it!
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The basketball hoop that donated it's guts:
I use a 13" iPad for all my technical drawing:
Books that I've read to learn many of the skills used in this project:
Real time collision detection:
Introduction to algorithims:
Planning algorithims:
Computational geometry:
Other tools and things that I think are great:
Wera allen keys 1000x better than el cheapos:
Wera allen keys (english):
The best marker ever. Marks everything. Always in my pocket:
Import spot welder. Cheap bulletproof:
Rivnuts + tool:
Digital angle gauge:
Bench sheet metal brake:
Vise brake (highly recommend):
20 ton press brake:
Cordless angle grinder - this thing will change your life:
Dropped off ladder 20x and still going strong:
Hypertherm powermax 45xp with machine torch:
Hypertherm fine cut consumables (great for sheet metal)

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  • kleinpca

    Monte Carlo is European for "Las Vegas". In other words, gambling. Random draws.

  • Andy Goth
    Andy Goth

    16:58 The "net" effect I see what you did there

  • eray baykal
    eray baykal

    What is the app he draws on?

    • Der Commander
      Der Commander

      Hayo^^ Just wondered as well. With a quick search I guess it´s the "Concepts" app

  • JustDenzelJ

    flight: im about to end this mans whole career

  • mduoba

    You need a second channel to explain the nerd stuff. What language? What controller board? What sensors? Show some code. I bet you will have a lot of views. More and more people are becoming competent makers.

  • Tyler Merrill
    Tyler Merrill

    That code looks like python

  • charliebeansmama

    can you make a tennis racket that makes every shot or a tennis ball that you a can controll

  • Thelonious Breskin
    Thelonious Breskin

    why do you not publish your cods, your part schematics, etc?

  • Federico

    well the analytical solution to this is a parabolic mirror, isn't it?

  • Nick Georgopoulos
    Nick Georgopoulos

    I really love how you anticipate questions and answer the questions that I'm already thinking, especially around 7:45 (for me). Great channel, great work.

  • Nick Georgopoulos
    Nick Georgopoulos

    "I don't know who Monte Carlo is..." well done sir

  • Rizqi Romadhon
    Rizqi Romadhon

    can you do a full tutorial for this? or if i support you in patreon will I get insight for how to make this project?

    • Rizqi Romadhon
      Rizqi Romadhon

      I really want to learn all the things behind this project, software you use, algorithm, and etc

  • Bilal Ahmed
    Bilal Ahmed

    8:36 "So that's really all there is to it" me sitting here lost after the first minute.

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    If you are here reading my comment, please help me grow my channel and subscribe and enjoy cool relaxing music's God bless you

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    Toy Bonnie SFM

    Now put a funnel under the board

  • Shahzada

    When you are bad at sports, but are good with tech and math 🤣

  • Jonnie Zuramski
    Jonnie Zuramski

    Can you start putting your code on GitHub?

  • LoddyWolf

    I watched these in the wrong order and now feel like i cheated

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    The math behind your work was pretty interesting

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    Shaun van vuuren

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    I wish you'd also go over how you move from the concept into the code itself - would be really interesting!

  • T3chWarri0r

    I’d actually live to see the code

  • It's Binh Repaired
    It's Binh Repaired

    Patent and mass produce this with a return ramp or something.

  • TamperSwitch

    Should’ve painted the edges orange to mimic/comment that anywhere you hit it’ll be redirected in

  • Caleb Moore
    Caleb Moore

    Thumbnail:you can't miss Me: hold my Capri sun

  • Jonald Gobaton
    Jonald Gobaton

    Wtf This is needed to and1 basketball where all the dribbling is being done in the game then just throw the ball and it will shoot. Hahahahaha

  • Al Billington
    Al Billington

    would you be willing top share the raw STL (from 10:15, with the radius adjusted version if you have it) , I want to try 3D printing this on my large format printer. I want to make a trash can version so I can finally throw crap at the trash can and not miss


    Make a Sisyphus table plzz

  • ivy caputo
    ivy caputo

    Sedona prince need to try this

  • Aterhallsam

    This dude makes me understand math problems within 1 video that my math teachers couldnt make me understand during years of school

  • Progi

    You could tip the backboard a few degrees forward, so you dont have to move the hoop so far away.

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    Jim Jackson

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    J Kang

    Love this video. As always, enjoyed the algorithm part and how you debugged things

  • Gaming Channel
    Gaming Channel

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  • Wale Aliz
    Wale Aliz

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  • Aiden King
    Aiden King

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  • WT • FrancTzy
    WT • FrancTzy

    To not shoot : hit the board so hard

  • Ian Pearce
    Ian Pearce

    Can you imagine how amazing this would be for children's leagues? This could really help bolster confidence.

    • The Winged Porpoise
      The Winged Porpoise

      It would help get a good throw because you have to get it generally correct for the backboard to work

    • SFMC 98
      SFMC 98

      What really bolsters confidence is losing at first, then improving. Not rigging the game so people win.

    • TheLionPrince

      No! It will only create the next generation of more entitled kids who expect to win at everything in life!

  • JJ Ramirez
    JJ Ramirez

    Next thing you know and you try to hit the backboard super strong and this happens: IT GOES IN YOU CAN NOT MISS AT ALL!!! Also, the NBA players, especially the centers would demand this hoop so they can shoot bang shots.

  • Jayson Edwards
    Jayson Edwards

    What do you do for a living, and how do you learn to do all thins stuff? Did you go to school.

  • livenhfree

    Foam filler? Neatness counts! ;-) Nice work, though.

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    Zachary Wiebe

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    Build This

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    Ali Chehab

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    Ali Chehab

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    Ali Chehab

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  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    Stuff Made Here: Makes a basketball hoop that never misses. Carnivals: Makes basketball hoops that always miss.

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

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  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

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  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

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  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    “You can’t miss with this hoop, it’s impossible.” Me: Observe

    • Franu: Animacje
      Franu: Animacje

      Stolen comment lmao

  • epiccollision

    Monte Carlo is a place a very famous place not a person

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    You legitimately need to patent this design and find a company that can mass produce it. I’d buy one, looks fun as hell

    • Maple

      stop stealing comments dude, come up with your own ideas

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    Benjamin Dudley

    Dude, you've gotten so much better at doing these videos. I liked this one, but your recent ones are easier to watch.

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  • Tuxedo bird
    Tuxedo bird

    What happens if someone throws as hard as possible? Like, if they're full court and have to shoot hard

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    Anna L

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    Mario Gavranić

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  • Cheesey Madness
    Cheesey Madness

    next project a backboard that changes shape to do the same thing but for every shot that you could possibly make. obviously with exceptions as physics only allow for so much deflection

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    Patience Zero

    Would be good for office recycling bins.

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    Jj Vids

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    Nevan Read

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    Danny Danny

    Aww yeah! :-D

  • Harry Amilidis
    Harry Amilidis

    I have to say, I like this way more than the other hoop you made because this is clever-er, if you'll excuse the word. The other one is more impressive, but this one is trully unique. I find passive systems more attractive and believe they require more brilliant thinking. Please do a follow up, where: (a) you make it prettier, as you seem to be a good craftsman as well and (b) you integrate some servos behind the board so that it can tilt up/down and left/right to correct for some shots that are outside the parameters of the passive component. Since it won't be moving all over the place, the extra weight may be manageable for tilting. I believe that this could make for a more 'aggresive' basketball/handball hybrid game.

  • Harry Amilidis
    Harry Amilidis

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  • Thaddeus Maximus
    Thaddeus Maximus

    Yea I'm here for the nerd stuff. Is your code on git hub? I'd would really like to learn that math.

  • Andrew

    nice. you could have ran the simulations for ‘half’ of a backboard and then just mirrored it.

  • IT-kone

    I'm sure this has been answered few thousand times already, but Monte Carlo is a casino in Monaco, and that's where the name comes from. If I recall correctly, they were trying to figure out something about gambling in the '60s(?), and first time utilized computers to brute force the answer. The name of the casino stuck to the method.

  • WalkaCrookedLine

    Great channel, but it's a little frustrating not to be able to refer to the creator by name. "Poster" or "creator" or "this dude" are all a little awkward. I can understand privacy is a concern, but perhaps the dude could just make something up so we can easily refer to him in comments. Heathcliff or Mortimer or maybe even Bob.

  • Nihal Rissane
    Nihal Rissane

    2:24 you dont need to do that, it’s basically an ellipse. The hoop is a the focus so it always goes in

  • Ty Watson
    Ty Watson

    Who else skips entire vid to see when he actually tests the device😎😎😎

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    Hasindu Liyanage

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  • Joshua Rosen
    Joshua Rosen

    Monte Carlo is a place (where the Monaco Grand Prix is held) with a famous casino. The simulation is named after that casino.


    0:20 What program is that? I really want it.


      @Blaž Lenko can you link it? I can't find it

    • Blaž Lenko
      Blaž Lenko


  • Benjamin Giguère
    Benjamin Giguère

    It seems odd to me to start with the flat backboard geometry instead of a parabolic shape with focal points in the hoop.

  • Colin Cunningham
    Colin Cunningham

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  • Colin Cunningham
    Colin Cunningham

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  • Mayhem

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