Moving hoop won't let you miss
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Thousands have told me that anyone can easily miss my first automatic basketball hoop by missing the hoop entirely. That is a really good point and something that I can't let stand. In this video I show you how I devoted several weeks of my life to realizing a basketball hoop that makes your shot go in even if you totally miss the hoop.... it was a lot of fun, and quite a bit more challenging than I was anticipating. Hopefully you enjoy it :)
Although very fun, these videos are very time consuming and expensive. Please consider helping to support the development of these projects through my patreon at
I built this with the new Tormach 24r check it out:
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This project was really hard. It was a huge challenge to whittle the 450gigs of footage down into a video that shared my journey of designing and getting this machine working. I hope you enjoyed it :) If you are interested in helping to support me making more of these videos you can check out my Patreon at One question - would a podcast be interesting yes / no? I've been considering that as an opportunity to share more details and whatnot that can't make it into my videos.

  • Stuff Made Here
    Stuff Made Here

    This project was really hard. It was also a huge challenge to whittle the 450gigs of footage down into a video that shared my journey of designing and getting this machine working. I hope you enjoyed it :) If you are interested in helping to support me making more of these videos you can check out my Patreon at One question - would a podcast be interesting yes / no? I've been considering that as an opportunity to share more details and whatnot that can't make it into my videos.

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      dude perfect be like...

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      Subbed to your channel. Didn't know you existed. Welcome to collection of UZloadrs I sub to that are engineers. That number is becoming alarmingly large.

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  • Fitness Samurai
    Fitness Samurai

    Wow so cool, thanks. Let's get this subscribed. :) How long does it actually take you to build something like that?

  • mrpisarik

    Plot twist: he missed ; in the code and now the whole house moves, while backboard rests in the same place.

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    Atharv Kulkarni

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    erick tanady

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  • shipy0915

    OMG, sounds impossible to me. Great Job! Can’t imagine how you insisted all these till the end after all those failures.

  • Michael Utech
    Michael Utech

    I'm soooo envious! I want all that gear. I want to be 30 years younger to have time to learn that stuff. I want to make a living on that. But then again, I'm really happy for you and deeply appreciate what you're doing! This is so cool!

  • Chris Dias
    Chris Dias

    Did you heard that judges said that unwanted haircut is assault?

  • Emanuel Gamboa
    Emanuel Gamboa

    The coolest thing I've ever seen is mark rober's auto dart thing

  • Atharv Kulkarni
    Atharv Kulkarni

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    Lucas Dooms

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  • Popoola Ife
    Popoola Ife

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  • Bry

    Plot twist: how to get 100$ if u miss? Simple throw it backwards from the direction ur supposed to be throwing it from

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    Tre Artino

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    Seth Moeckel

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    JY - 06PS 782412 Thomas Street MS

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    Funny Indian Reality

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    Stevie brierley animations

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  • Shujaat Ali
    Shujaat Ali

    You should also mention how much time you took to make this thing also how many people were working on this project otherwise we will be assuming that you did it in a week alone and that will make us depress

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    Ezechiel Pyton

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    Paige’s Advetures

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    Mark Rober wants to know your location.

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    Rainier Raindeer

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  • disco 07
    disco 07

    Some people are just gifted with smarts and you are one. Nice work!

  • cometastral

    If only the Kinect was like this instead of the microsoft dogshit that it was when plugged into an xbox

  • Qui-Gon Jinn
    Qui-Gon Jinn

    Easy money glitch by throwing the ball really hard at the wall so that the hoop couldn't possibly adjust correctly in time.

  • Casy Leer
    Casy Leer

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  • Spleens The Cat
    Spleens The Cat

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  • Arya Phalke
    Arya Phalke

    Damn he is so determined to make it work !!!

  • Shadow Reckon
    Shadow Reckon

    i just had a thought if you replace the backboard with the version(making it light also),you could eliminate some of the problems having with the second track

  • Albin Abhilash Tom
    Albin Abhilash Tom

    he is a family friendly version of michael reeves

  • jovdirectgrower1

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  • Wouldn't you Like to know
    Wouldn't you Like to know

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  • Michael McCoy
    Michael McCoy

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  • Michael McCoy
    Michael McCoy

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    i’ll be honest. i clicked just to watch the part where i see the end product but stayed to watch the full vid. solid footage & props to you man!

  • Aleks Sexton
    Aleks Sexton


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    Royal Reigns,'33

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    The Dolt

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    get ryan

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    David Hunsicker

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