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I recently acquired a Tormach 1100mx. I've started to outgrow my existing mills and have been looking for a VMC that was feature rich but that I could also get into my basement. I show the rigging process of getting it into my basement, assembly, and then machining a tool holder for it. Also includes some 3D printing and plasma cutting. Finally I take the tool breakage detection and rigid tapping features for a test drive.
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Oh also this video is not sponsored by Tormach. I bought this mill with my hard earned bucks.

  • Gary McDaniel
    Gary McDaniel

    Before you buy one give me a call 208-600-2658 I bought one, if you buy one put the minimum down because it will not work. It comes in pieces so they can blame the customer for anything that is wrong. I have had in 2 months or more, no tool changer in back order one more month. Computer was bad they replaced it but still does not work. Cannot get your money you just have to eat the piece of shit. I have been in the CNC business for 50 years first one in 1972. I have purchased several HAAS machine never a problem with any of them. HAAS would not fit in the place my mistake .They send you all kinds of cables you do not need just to get the price up. IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD A HAAS FORGET IT You can buy thisne cheap Cheap being the magic word Gmcdaniel@arthurlabs.com

  • The Life of Guyon
    The Life of Guyon


  • Geoff

    First video watched, Well done. I’m subbed up

  • Flatcap007

    Stop biting your nails tool needs making

  • approval 89
    approval 89

    I understood exactly 50% of what he was saying lmao

  • Carl Latta
    Carl Latta

    uzload.info/fun/mGmDhJ2T17KH3oU/video Remove broken tap in aluminum with alum.

  • Alex M
    Alex M

    Is this the "This Old Tony" addtion of "Stuff Made Here"?

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    Atom sun


  • polo Idrogo
    polo Idrogo

    what do you do for living ??? your shop is amazing

  • lordfarquat98

    I don't mean to offend you.. but for some reason, your videos help me fall asleep.

  • Thelonious Breskin
    Thelonious Breskin

    dude. chill with the coefficient of grass. just do the thing. you don't have to math your way out of everything.

  • Jeff Bengtson
    Jeff Bengtson

    I think I may have just been tricked into watching a 22 minute long ad for a Tormach 1100mx...

  • DemonTempest

    plastic tool holder would be better because its safer to use

  • Windrune

    Step 1 buy yourself a cheap basic CNC Step 2 build yourself an expensive pro CNC

  • Samuel Mason
    Samuel Mason

    For christ sake man. For an engineer im depressed how safety was the absolute last regard for moving that thing.

  • perkele

    Show us your shop. Show us how your things work.

  • y0urselfishment

    That L in your left hand. Pretty awesome. Always struggling with right and left. :D

  • Nick Georgopoulos
    Nick Georgopoulos

    12:15 "There's nothing here, yet it's stiff and should do the job acceptably"

  • Josh Mark
    Josh Mark

    If you fall towards it you die

  • Austin Cary
    Austin Cary

    Your tool holder holder looks great. I know it was just a test but the amount of effort you put into the build was about 1000x gluing up a few 2x4's and drilling with a hole saw. It's shocking to see a jig made of steel rather than pine and plywood.

  • Chancy Guthrie
    Chancy Guthrie

    You have the greatest man cave in your basement ever created!!!!

  • Pikachu

    I love that raw error exception, $25.000 drill still to lazy to finish their software right.

  • Mike Biron
    Mike Biron

    Any chance for a colab with AvE and Smarter Everyday in the same episode? Epic. Break the internet. Squeaky clean USA meets colorful Canadian? LOL Keep your johnson in a vice!

  • s s
    s s

    fucking nice mill bro

  • AquaticSCP


  • Quacky Bird
    Quacky Bird

    Wow even robots cant make a normal line in sharpie.

  • Nick Janse
    Nick Janse

    20:27 A 'Very common mistake'

  • Hastey Burner
    Hastey Burner

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  • Linus

    Best tip for moving heavy stuff over the threshold with a pallet Jack is pulling it to the edge than setting the load down moving the first axle over the threshold and than Lifting it up again than same string for the second axle 😉

  • Max Tester
    Max Tester

    What a basement! VERY impressive!

  • Beanie Dog
    Beanie Dog

    I googled this and uhhhh “packages starting as low as $19,500” that’s- that’s a little yeah

  • Redemptioner1

    Oh so jealous.......

  • Kevin KC3ONO HeliJeepWorld
    Kevin KC3ONO HeliJeepWorld

    Of all the machines I ve seen in a garage or basement. It got to be the tormach. What does one cost with same setup as you have ? Thank you

  • Ingo R
    Ingo R

    You have to get a shrink machine, you need? No

  • Mytherrus

    I'd love a shop tour video!

  • Gabriel Willen
    Gabriel Willen

    Removing a broken tap is not impossible. Several tool manufacturers make drills specifically for this called "Tap extracting drills". Alternatively, a carbide endmill will work in a pinch. High RPMs and very slow plunging feed. I have done this 100's of times. That being said I feel your pain!

  • Tally Prestin
    Tally Prestin

    The real rule is "you can fix any problem with the proper application of more force."

  • Forrest Farris
    Forrest Farris

    Liking for the comment about the lightbulb oligarchy

  • Younes AOMARI
    Younes AOMARI

    that tool holder is so satisfying

  • Al Naheean
    Al Naheean

    this guy described the cnc machine as if it were a mobile phone lol....I mean how cool a person can be?

  • Ex Mortis
    Ex Mortis

    Gave you a like and a sub for the "check yourself before you wreck yourself" reference/joke lol

  • Kifter

    Very interesting to watch.

  • Draco Volans
    Draco Volans

    "origin of this phrase" hahahahaha

  • D-PadDan

    Ok I know nothing about CNC Machines, but woah what the fu....I’m a big f1 fan and Haas F1 team is obviously a thing, never knew haas as a company made cnc machines :O

  • Rick O'Shea
    Rick O'Shea

    Broad skills, with huge energy and enthusiasm. Very impressive!

  • daltanionwaves

    As I understand it this is the only Tormach still in operation, and cutting within the reported tolerances.... It's like a relic of a modern machine. A modern relic. 😐

  • Iron Tarkus999
    Iron Tarkus999

    Make a gun

  • deathness13

    That was some great content ...thanks for video!!!!

  • king james488
    king james488

    just a $31,000 CNC machine... w.e.

  • Mia

    Love your videos! Can you do some start to finish CNC projects? I'm learning myself and have the most trouble with setting machining paths through fushion 360.

  • Dankrupt

    Jeeeez this machine is $20k?!

  • Bahr Industries
    Bahr Industries

    Build a garage, get a haas

  • Zeky Ahmed Murra Antón
    Zeky Ahmed Murra Antón

    The itchy plastic nally trot because citizenship recently beg by a big statement. panoramic, gray greasy great gray

  • michele daffara
    michele daffara

    I cracked up at "maybe machining aluminum toilet paper is not a great business idea" lmaooo

  • Todo McGillicutty
    Todo McGillicutty

    His garage is better than the entire plant that I work at. It's really sad honestly.

  • Kieran Brown
    Kieran Brown

    Drawer doesn't close right? You should slap some magnets on that, would probably keep it closed. :)

  • Oscar N.
    Oscar N.

    Oh man, I had such a PTSD watching the tapping. I once made a jig which involved 121 holes to be threaded to a 80 mm thick piece of aluminium. I was down to the second last hole of the second last row and the tap snapped. Luckily, I supervised the entire run, so I got it stopped. Fortunately the jig was salveagable, colleague tapped the remaining holes by hand and the one ruined hole didn't ruin the whole part.

  • James Garner
    James Garner

    Very cool we need you with as much machinery as possible 😀

  • David Marshall
    David Marshall

    Great, another set of hands talking to me via the internet

  • madcap magician
    madcap magician

    nice... did you buy the machine or was it donated? cuz DAYUUUM off like to get one donated to me 😆😆😆

  • Conner Woodhams
    Conner Woodhams

    This is awesome. Do you know how to program or do you rely on a website to write them for you?

  • Bradley Bauder
    Bradley Bauder

    As a machinest thats certified in Haas control. Im highly intriguing with this machine. It actually looks to be pretty decent quality.

  • Bradley Bauder
    Bradley Bauder

    Id invest in a shell mill for optimum material roughing.

  • mike97525

    Twenty grand for the basic machine🙄

  • Jay Grows
    Jay Grows

    Made in China, harbor freight feel. Hahahaha comical its universally known chinese products are junk. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Vladimir Ishenko
    Vladimir Ishenko

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  • Brice Johnson
    Brice Johnson

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  • tito hotrod
    tito hotrod

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    Make a Sisyphus table plzz

  • Peter Furnival
    Peter Furnival

    How did you lower the cnc down the hill? Did you use a knot or a pulley or some other system of ropes?

  • James Bowling
    James Bowling

    ive gotten into 3d printers in the past 2 yrs an im at the point where im going to buy a smaller cnc machine. id love to have something like this but its way outside my price range an would take me moving my work shop but what is a good cnc machine for a beginner. ive never used one but im willing to learn. ive been looking at a very small compared to this foxalien 3018 v2 cnc machine but its below my budget by a couple 100 bux but everything else ive seen is tripple the price at least or more. is there any other small desktop sized cnc machines out there. id like it to be able to cut aluminum if possible but if not i understand. ive seen alot of the smaller 3018 cnc machines claim to be able to cut aluminum but they are all under $200 and its hard for me to believe that they actually can. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. its not for making money as much as it is just to learn a new skill that i can use for my own projects

  • Monte Stout
    Monte Stout

    Damn , you are golden !

    • Monte Stout
      Monte Stout

      Let's f-u build it , and sell it so they can fight over it . I take 8%.

  • Bernice Gardner
    Bernice Gardner

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  • sirskeptic

    LOOOVED the part of the video where you got the machine down to the shop. Totally been there.

  • alexis de tokeville
    alexis de tokeville

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  • Ryan Quintana
    Ryan Quintana

    You're blessed. what do you do for work? Fabrication?

  • AllToDevNull

    This is how you remove a broken tap: uzload.info/fun/jpWbfqmspJOmq2g/video

  • Alisha Raj
    Alisha Raj

    Appreciate him 👍

  • James Trevail
    James Trevail

    Try forming taps.

  • ColToons

    It must sting getting a nice, clean machine, and then filling it metal shavings and coolant.

  • Jashna Patel
    Jashna Patel

    Sheet metal is cheap.

  • otto

    Just another shameless schill for big pen plotter. Poor attempt at misdirecting our ire toward big brittle tap.

  • Trihannes

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  • Kaden Watt
    Kaden Watt

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  • Κανένας

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  • q zorn
    q zorn

    you know the first thing when designing a cutting system is the coolant and material chip recovery system instead of a big mess to clean-up... with compressed air and a dust pan... thanks

  • Andrew Cheshire
    Andrew Cheshire

    So your previous video was about making a much-needed upgrade to your CNC machine, and literally the next video is, "Hey, check out the new CNC machine I bought!"

  • Mat

    With this new mill, I can finally build a tool rack for it.

  • Joseph Shmoe
    Joseph Shmoe

    I get that you wanted a first project, but you can buy a 10 tool molded plastic 30 taper tool caddy for like $30 bucks.

  • Don Ochetti
    Don Ochetti

    16:22 That's what I keep telling myself.

  • J cool
    J cool

    you know, after seeing you make the pool stick. you can probably make a machine like this by yourself.

  • Thaddeus Maximus
    Thaddeus Maximus

    Im jealous, guess ill have to go 5 axis for 200,000. I love the harbor freight aesthetic.

  • ricki rock
    ricki rock

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  • Nina Thomas
    Nina Thomas

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    Matt Sterling

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  • Avocado Toast
    Avocado Toast

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    puneet puri

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  • Matthew von der Ahe
    Matthew von der Ahe

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  • Nick George
    Nick George

    In my schools machine shop we have an edm machine that burns out our broken reamers and taps, I was wondering if this isnt common in most shops then?

  • Livi Escamilla
    Livi Escamilla

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