Making a robot to carve photos into pumpkins
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I've been wondering if I could turn my haircut robot into a pumpkin carving robot. Cutting hair and carving pumpkins isn't really that different if you think about it - both cut stuff off a roughly pumpkin sized spheroid. In this video I do just that and carve some pretty amazing pumpkins with it. This was a bit of a sprint to get done - I can't wait until next year to make even more insane pumpkins with it!
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  • Stuff Made Here
    Stuff Made Here

    What would you like to see me carve into a pumpkin? Alternatively what else could I try to carve besides a pumpkin?

    • Mad Insomniac
      Mad Insomniac

      Carve a pumkin into a watermelon and a watermelon into a pumkin

    • []soup[]


    • Exarpo


    • Amica Aranearum
      Amica Aranearum

      I'd love to see how a pattern *made* for pumpkin carving would turn out -- I think your main issue is that your photos are not images designed for optimal display on a pumpkin. If you want to try such a pattern, DM me, and I'll send you one I've made.

    • Some random guy A
      Some random guy A


  • Connie Grunwald
    Connie Grunwald

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  • Rohan Pulikkal
    Rohan Pulikkal

    Well their baby is better da baby - :(

  • Rusty Bloke
    Rusty Bloke

    🎵 picture perfect pumpkins, Scattered all around the floor. Reachin' for the scissors, coz I can't find em anymore🎵

  • Vyr CZ
    Vyr CZ

    I love the top monitor jokes so much

  • Jake

    You two have a cool marriage ☺ You should do a Stuff Made Here edition on how to make a happy home!

  • maruthu pandian
    maruthu pandian

    intimidating as hell! fascinating video.

  • Skeleton7

    what tablet do you use ?

  • hi hi
    hi hi

    "Their baby is better"- Stuff Made Here 2021

  • joesph houde
    joesph houde

    when are you going to build a t-800 XD

  • Bryan Barron
    Bryan Barron

    You’re my guy.

  • dahajack

    Oh what cool

  • Joash Bergman
    Joash Bergman

    His pumpkin at 8:00 looks more like an orange sweet pepper.

  • micahbrill

    “Best way to beg for subscribers”

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith

    Wouldn't using something like a Kinect have made the 3d mapping of the pumpkin easier?

  • Alex Landherr
    Alex Landherr

    “My master plan has already fallen apart.”, what I say 10 minutes after beginning a new coding project...

  • a Moth • 13 years ago
    a Moth • 13 years ago

    “I love crazy ideas... they made me rich” _Walter Simmons_

  • Daniel Berhanu
    Daniel Berhanu

    What the heck dis you study?

  • Dirk V Egan
    Dirk V Egan

    Another point to consider is, that the pumpkin has no obligation to have the same wall thickness at every point that you measured from the outside. As soon as the wall thickness varies, there's no guarantee that carving a certain depth will leave a certain thickness through which a certain amount of light shines.

  • Bathroom Prophet
    Bathroom Prophet

    I just learned Ive been lied to with map geometry my whole life ... 334

  • Richard Li
    Richard Li

    7:32 *best way to beg for subscribers*

  • Tony music
    Tony music

    AKA The "Pumpkinator"😁

  • Wesley Mays
    Wesley Mays

    "...Because the earth is an oblate spheroid" * Camera pans to the right, revealing a second Stuff Made Here holding the explosive bat "What did you just call me?"

  • FlyingDutchmanForge

    Lol watching your videos makes me feel inadequate. I once thought I was smart..... then I saw one of your vids! AWESOME WORK all the same!

  • Erik

    5:50 jesus christ thank you so much lmao


    What is that app that you use to draw things ?

  • SSM Kibria
    SSM Kibria

    Why do you want your wife's face on a pumpkin.... Is she looks like a pumpkin to you ??😁

  • Moon Dog
    Moon Dog

    Dude, You're awesome. You have a lot of knowledge.

  • Pumpkin

    H3ll y4a...

  • Mike Li
    Mike Li

    Hope he doesn't accidentally run the pumpkin carving program when cutting hair...

  • halit yilmaz
    halit yilmaz

    Why dont you open auctions and sell these things to people with ridiculous amounts of money?

  • Steve Tactics
    Steve Tactics

    Auto tattoo machine up next?

  • Joshua Gavaghan
    Joshua Gavaghan

    The fact that wiki pages on STEM topics also make you feel inadequate is oddly reassuring.

  • Paul Selvadurai
    Paul Selvadurai

    Gotta use a zener and then you till not fry your electronics... i learnt the hard way!

  • acepilot1

    TSA mode skipped the strip search function

  • Pest789

    How do you deburr a squash?

  • UKPatriot17

    Genius comes in many forms 🤫

  • Francesco Di Lecce
    Francesco Di Lecce

    That's amazing! Can you make a video with your head instead of a pumpkin?

  • Connor Taylor
    Connor Taylor

    Aight this guy deserves my subscription

  • Cameron Swan
    Cameron Swan

    Who asks their wife if they can spend their own money?

  • Darkslayer 125
    Darkslayer 125

    what was censored?

  • Donald Alm
    Donald Alm

    Do you like onshape or solidworks better?

  • Pirom

    You lost me at hello

  • Stephano

    Try freezing the pumpkins so you can cut cleaner

  • Will Beebe
    Will Beebe

    Do you think it would help to freeze the pumpkins?

  • PumpkinFreak

    I've always wondered if this was possible!

  • Pablo Muzzobar
    Pablo Muzzobar

    He could make a website where you can buy a pumpkin carved from your face and hire someone to do day operations. I bet you it would make big dollars

  • Tomas Aguilera
    Tomas Aguilera


  • Tate Isaacs
    Tate Isaacs

    wait so like what about a robot that like cooks you dinner when's that coming

  • Telebyte Cyber
    Telebyte Cyber

    7:33 "BEST WAYS TO BEG FOR SUBSCRIBERS" made me subscribe

  • Michael Jewett
    Michael Jewett

    Would it work better is you started at the bottom and worked your way up? This way any of the pumpkin debris would not be falling down on top of the surface you are about to cut.

  • Taska Nawa
    Taska Nawa

    i like pumpkin qbert... can you make this robot plays street fighter?

  • Kipper Klank
    Kipper Klank

    what do you mean your laptop is fixable? its a macbook. not possible. buy a new one. sorry.



  • walmartskills

    So basically you're discriminating against tumor pumpkins...:P

  • bit_mate ֫
    bit_mate ֫

    What brought me here is the question making autoplay

  • The Peculiar Indian
    The Peculiar Indian

    Im just scared that robot might reverse the steps. Scanning pumpkin and carving it on my face due to a bug😂

  • Marshalls Choi
    Marshalls Choi


  • H & K
    H & K

    It’s all fun and games until the robot thinks you’re the pumpkin.

  • Ryan Cahill
    Ryan Cahill

    12:34 looks like the elephant man

  • Redstone Reforged
    Redstone Reforged

    Then he forgot he converted it into a murderous carver and stuck his head there...

  • Philip Squimble
    Philip Squimble

    Are you pavlovs dogging us with that bass beat in the background? Because my mouth is watering.

  • robert evans
    robert evans

    Hi can u build a machine that could engrave concrete so it could replicate the ancient sites of the world like in India and south America.

  • F S
    F S

    He looks like Bill Gates 😳 Is it a coincidence? 🤔

  • Penn Lawlor
    Penn Lawlor

    7:31 "best way to beg for subscribers"

  • Rebecca Michael
    Rebecca Michael

    Him - "You are so useless right now." Robot - "Your mom is useless." Me - 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • Hannah Rode
    Hannah Rode

    Don't stop with these analogies

  • Curtis Krawczyk
    Curtis Krawczyk

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    Colin Hess

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    Jim Jones

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  • Octopus Goodness
    Octopus Goodness

    He didn't add a diode on the power wires?

  • JustShiningStar

    Searching for "best way to beg for subscribers" At 7:34 might just have been the best way tbh

  • Johnathan Kelly
    Johnathan Kelly

    the fact he lit a little tiny candle with a propane torch kills me XD

  • Arceus 101
    Arceus 101

    What application is on your ipad that you used to show how the mercader projection works?

  • Arceus 101
    Arceus 101

    What should be done is using multiple depth sensors that can roll across the pumpkin to map it in 3d before using the software that maps the 2d image onto it (if possible)

  • Elija H.
    Elija H.

    How Can you be so clever but also so funny Still a myth

  • Varun Gupta
    Varun Gupta

    "you might be wondering why i would replace my baby with someone else's baby. well, their baby's better." i am now exponentially more afraid of StuffMadeHere than I used to be

  • Brendan Cross
    Brendan Cross

    But does the new plasma cutter have a pen plotter?

  • Skelter

    how the fuck do you solder wires that are different colours incorrectly?!?

  • Joao Victor
    Joao Victor

    5:32 what app is it

  • Bario IDL
    Bario IDL

    0:43 so you are telling me there's a chance?

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

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  • marekein

    I love the smell of a McBook getting fried in the morning

  • band1

    This is michael just not that funny

  • Percy Something
    Percy Something

    Just had an idea....I know you already made an unpick-able lock but what about one with a sensor that knows when it’s being broken if it isn’t a key it sets off like a silent alarm or turns on a light above the door?


    When he said hey Siri my phone tries to answer it.

  • gooball

    5:46 i feel that

  • MsJaybird17

    I love your videos! And I think they would be really great for young people wondering if engineering is for them, and why they have to learn all that math. Maybe do spin-off videos going into the math in detail.

  • Tariq El Ageli
    Tariq El Ageli

    7:20 Cracks me up every time I watch the video 😂 I watched it 13 times now

  • Linus Franzoni
    Linus Franzoni

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  • Alistair Crabb
    Alistair Crabb

    “Best way to beg for Subscribers” lol

  • Karan Kedia
    Karan Kedia

    hey i was also looking to buy the tools and equipment you use in your videos, could you tell us the names and the list of the equipment you use and how much would they cost?

  • Gary W
    Gary W

    The end results all look terrible.

  • Lizard King
    Lizard King

    tools to make tools to make tools

  • Samuel Rebbechi
    Samuel Rebbechi

    Cut your plus / minus leads different length so they don't short while hanging exposed for prototyping

  • Austin MacCarthy
    Austin MacCarthy

    So he projects the pumpkin to a sphere, to make the shape good for the pumpkin. But then he projects the sphere to a cylinder, to make the shape work for the sphere. But then he unrolls the cylinder into a flat square, to make the shape work for the cylinder?

  • Haruko Haruhara
    Haruko Haruhara

    Then he forgets about it and uses it for haircuts...

  • Hastey Burner
    Hastey Burner

    The loud cd rhetorically pat because shelf indisputably reach behind a overconfident jewel. romantic, embarrassed euphonium

  • sturried

    When he said „hey Siri“ I was wondering why the video paused

  • D V
    D V

    Are pumpkin walls uniform thickness? That could add complexity to lithophanes.