Bending Steel With Plastic Tools
I've been wondering if 3D printed tools could possibly bend steel. It seemed possible unlikely. I designed and printed several tools which are used on a hydraulic press to bend and form steel sheet metal. This particular tool could be made by CNC machining the tools from metal but 3D printing it is much faster and easier.
These videos usually take a ton of work and a lot of money in tools and materials. I've made a patreon if you're interested in supporting the creation of these projects:
If you're interested here's some of the tools that I use in this video:
Pneumatic jack conversion for my 20 ton press:
Hypertherm powermax 45xp with machine torch:
Small machinist square. Cheap but useful:

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    Hey, this old tony, your voice has chachged a bit...

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    Has a literal plastic printer and still doesn't have a color printer lol.

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    How many people are waching this cas it is his first video

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    Quick note, the slot for the blade needs to be larger enough to see what you're working on easily. =) Oh, your hydraulic press sounds like a humpback whale when you raise it.

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    Have you sent your new lock to the locksmith lawyer yet? :-)

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    10:00 Other then the damage I did to the form, it dosent look like I damaged the form. LOL

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  • static

    Easier solution to the first draft - You have a plasma torch...we saw you use it... use it twice - Bend the form with just the two side holes, then place the part under the plasma cutter and cut the large hole. Problem solved!

  • Kieran Brown
    Kieran Brown

    Hmm, never thought of this, awesome video!

  • Alex Polakis
    Alex Polakis

    Looks like the the die didnt fit quite right when it broke. It was sliding down at an angle. Maybe shrunk or expanded when pressed the first couple times?

  • Jack Barry
    Jack Barry

    Could also armor exterior of the plastic dies with sheets screwed in to keep them from rupturing

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    Hey Stuff! Why the new thumbnail?

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    Skrew driven

    i have no experience with sla printing but a fair amount in fdm. Is sla typically as strong as FDM? I remember when i first got into 3d printing a few years back i thought pfffft this plastic stuff has gotta be weak but to my surprise even the cheap PLA stuff is pretty dang strong.

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    12:48 it died.

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    Quick audio suggestion: I've noticed in many of your videos that your compressor successfully cuts in whenever you drop a part on the bench to avoid an overly loud bang, however the release time is quite long so your voice is too soft for a moment after each time you do this. If you reduce the release time by 100-200 ms it should fix this. Additionally prepend a high pass filter with a well chosen low cutoff frequency before the compressor, and you will have less power in the bang of a dropped part which will help keep that out of your final audio without removing too many low frequency harmonics from your voice or the other interesting sound you want to keep in videos like these.

  • chromosundrift

    This may be a naive question but is there any advantage to considering the temperature of the piece being pressed? Is it possible to "warm" it to improve bendability?

  • Arthur Williams
    Arthur Williams

    Word of advice. I see your hands are full of cuts. There are these chainmail gloves you can buy cheaply on amazon that commercial butchers use to protect against cuts. They work really well when handling sheet metal too. Video is top notch, keep it up!

    • Arthur Williams
      Arthur Williams

      I say cheaply, because that glove will more than pay for itself with the amount of stitches and bandages you will save.

  • Jason Bailey
    Jason Bailey

    It's so funny to me that it likely cost more money on the resin or aluminum...maybe even the sheet metal than it would have cost to buy a brand new harbor freight saw. Of course, the tool was just the muse that launched the creative process that lead to a pretty cool experiment. So, it may not have been practical in this situation, but the technics learned will likely come in handy later on.

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    John Jones

    Take a shot every time you hear the word "actually".

  • smart bird
    smart bird

    What about adding a Chase to the outside of the containing print? Or even drilling through and bolting through some support plates. You could also machine a metal rectangle cup your print would fit inside of. I'm injection plastic molder. I found your demonstration very educational.

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    “Hopefully you enjoyed this. If you didn’t, I have no idea why are you still watching this” 😂😂😂

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    Hasan khan

    What about just diecasting the 3 d printed die and then using it for forming metal

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    Finlay Beaton

    I recently started watching the backlog of videos here.. but it stops at this video, just 1 year ago. From the blog I can see broken links to videos that are now private. What gives? I realize the quality of the previous videos may not be up to par with what you put out today, but just like going back and watching year 1 mighty car mods videos, I would love to see where you started! I really hope you decide to go back and re-enable the videos, warts and all.

  • 263kiki

    I wonder how you are able to position the blank on the bottom die properly when there's no longer a protrusion to key the blank on the last iteration of gray dies. But regardless amazing as always!

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    I also have one of those Chicago Electric sawzalls. Throw it in the trash. Not because it's missing the guard and isn't worth fixing but just because that's where it belongs.

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    Michael Helmreich

    The reason I watched this is because you have pretty much done something I want to try. I learned quite a bit from your success and failure. Keep up the good work.

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    Is this actually his first video?

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    Alexandre St-Charles

    How about using petg and reinforce it with strands of stainless wires embedded in the print a various intervals?

  • Jeff Jefferson
    Jeff Jefferson

    For the money and time, id rather CNC some toolsteel and use that as a die and punch. Its best to get a CNC machine, or save money for one, because that is really a way to go. You dont want to fool around a mill or a lathe for a long time. You want to be a designer and make things. In the long run, you can get a lot more things done with a CNC machine. I would however make the heat treatment kiln myself though. Its way way more cheap to do that, and it is very easy to do. Maybe saying that. Its easy to build a CNC machine, but i guess its a lot more work than a heattreatment kiln. Im going to upload a heattreatment kiln soon on my grabcad page (check my youtube profile for the link). Greetings, Jeff


    Make a Sisyphus table plzz

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    How long until this guy starts pumping out stamped-metal AK receivers? 😂 😂

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    7 mins in and honestly, if the hole is a problem when bending, cut the hole after instead of before.

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    I know it is a rather old video, and you might have already figured it out. I was watching a similar video the other day, where the dies were printed hollow and were later filled with 2 part epoxy. The issue there is the heat that occurs when the epoxy cures but probably possible to use a epoxy with a longer curing time, or just less hardener and leave more time to harden. That could give you more strength than the 3D printing resin.

  • Trevor Hitchen
    Trevor Hitchen

    nobody has mentioned the obvious , some form of lubrication would make a difference

  • Waybeyond

    Why not make the top form all one thicker walled piece?...

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    Did you know that FormLabs has an ad on sheet metal forming using your exact mold and part? Hope you're being compensated for it.

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    I actually admire you a lot, and have seen all your videos. Really nice. For me, the best UZload channel. I just wanted to ask, what is your profession?

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    As someone who has 10 years in a sheetmetal fab shop I'm impressed!

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    why not cut the holes after bending the metal to prevent deformation?

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    "Shove it down really hard.. and hopefully it will bend this thing in the right shape."

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    20= years plasma cutting professionally, DON"T plasma cut galvanized, DON'T weld it, DON'T even let it in the shop.

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    If you did it in stages, rather than all at once, would that make the 3d printing dies more, or less effective?

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    Dude! - Before you lose your ring finger, take your wedding ring off. I came close once when my ring shorted an exposed car battery positive terminal connection to a bolt head on the body. KEY-RIKEY it nearly melted my finger flesh away from the bone. (pulled it fast enough to avoid permanent damage) But ! REMOVE ALL JEWELRY BEFORE "GETTING DOWN" TO SHOP BUSINESS. :o) P.S. I enjoy your vids. Your pacing, and vocal delivery (and yes, you're humor) is just the right amount of dry for me. If I were to correct anything, it would be to add another 1/2 second to a pause for a humorous text aside. With the short pauses you currently use, we (me) out here don't know where to instantly look to get the joke without having to back up and replay . That's it. That's all. Well done. Carry on.

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    Would have been easier to just use a chop saw and cut off a bunch of tiny bars and then just weld them together it would have taken like 2 hours to do that or less of youre fast

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    How to spend hundreds for a $25 saw. Die hard - lol. Great info keep it going.

  • Bob D.
    Bob D.

    To avoid the distortion did you try cutting the slot for the blade after the forming operation? It would take two different molds used in separate operations to make this with plastic molds. Also this piece was probably originally made when the sheet metal was hot allowing it to be formed easier over metal forms. Obviously your plastic mold can't withstand contact with hot metal.

  • Mat

    waterjet cutter is doing a so much cleaner cut, no burn, and with greater accuracy, also you can cut thicker stuff, and non-conductive materials. Maybe it makes a bigger mess, but you would have to install it somewhere outside. (if the water has abrasive material, the slurry may be hazardous waste, depending on the abrasive material used.)

  • Haoyang Dong
    Haoyang Dong

    After 2 years in eng, I can finally understand most of the terms Shane is referring to

  • Hunter2323

    @ 13:22, ask yourself, how many parts you are going to make.. get your die fab'd up in carbide, and make a few hundred thousand.. also, in most industries, creating the part is called "exercising" the die.. speed is an issue, as you know when you stretch the base metal, heat is a by-product.. so, metal die is the best way to go, especially if this is a manufacturing process.. sweet work..

  • Hunter2323

    just started to watch this vid.. i am a former engineer at Panasonic America. I worked on the cowling for the Boeing 777 Rolls Royce Engines, which is aluminum based metallurgy. The molecular work is the same for ferrous metals. Get the metal in a form where the molecules become fluid, and then move them to their max position, anneal the base metal, and repeat.. if you are doing all your work at STP, and do not ever anneal, you are "wrecking" the structures that you want saved for the final product. Ie.. it takes 20 process steps to move aluminum 1/4 of an inch, 3D. But, once you get there.. best possible product, which will not shear and fissure apart with micro vibrations.. love your stuff..

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    Colin Knarich

    you kept saying "Die" or "Dye" what does that term mean?

    • Esther Kinderman
      Esther Kinderman

  • The Guy
    The Guy

    Use polycarbonate for 3d prints and I feel FDM prints can be stronger

  • The Guy
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    How do you nail the tolerances while making the dye?

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    That's a pretty popular saw. Utter trash, but popular. Probably because it costs $20.

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    Would be more efficient to print form-molds with cheap material then pour resin into it for the forms. You'll get more control over how the resin sits, and it will be stronger. Also when your form breaks, you don't have to wait 24 hours to print another.

  • Matthew Kent
    Matthew Kent

    At 3:47 it looks like there is moisture on the dies. Is that water? What causes it?

  • Chad Clancy
    Chad Clancy

    I think the forms would hold up a lot better if you used them to achieve the detailed shape you want but strengthen them by also making a confining part either with clamping forces around the edges or a rectangular recess that they fit into that is a stronger material such as steel or aluminum.

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    Its amazing to see the progress of this channel in 11 months! The production value, the writing (!) and the projects have gotten really really good in a super short amount of time. I wonder how many subs this channel had in march 2020? 2m in Feb 2021

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      2.4m March 3, 2021

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    So, it looks like someone stole your handy work. Maybe you work with them but, they should at least give you credit. Dynamism channel "Sheet Metal Forming Using 3D Printed Tooling"

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    Why not design it do that you put the bend in first, and then cut the main hole with the plasma cutter afterwards? It would be easier to set up a jig to do one final plasma cut where you want it.

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    You should make a quiet propeller-less drone dyson fan style @Nilesh Gandhi

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    I want you to make a video about that tree climbing robot that hangs Christmas lights

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    Anybody else here because you run presses professionally and wanted to see the likelihood of printing dies instead of having to buy/file a requisition? Makes you think that one day we will see an AI that can interpret product blueprints, design tooling to fabricate parts, print tooling, then begin manufacturing the product autonomously. Skynet type stuff right there...