Automatic hoop, unless you're my wife
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I wasn't totally satisfied with my previous basketball hoop so I made another try at the problem. This time with robots and computer vision! I designed and build this hoop from the ground up with the goal of tracking the ball and directing it into the hoop by tilting the backboard. It works pretty well. My old solid state hoop is old news. Long live our robot overlords.
I wonder what V3 will look like...
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The basketball hoop that donated it's guts:
I use a 13" iPad for all my technical drawing:
Books that I've read to learn many of the skills used in this project:
Real time collision detection:
Introduction to algorithims:
Planning algorithims:
Computational geometry:
Other tools and things that I think are great:
Wera allen keys 1000x better than el cheapos:
Wera allen keys (english):
The best marker ever. Marks everything. Always in my pocket:
Import spot welder. Cheap bulletproof:
Rivnuts + tool:
Digital angle gauge:
Bench sheet metal brake:
Vise brake (highly recommend):
20 ton press brake:
Cordless angle grinder - this thing will change your life:
Dropped off ladder 20x and still going strong:
Hypertherm powermax 45xp with machine torch:
Hypertherm fine cut consumables (great for sheet metal)

  • ckpotato

    For finding the ball, could you not have done a sort on the nearest object to the camera & assume that's the ball? It's nearly always the case it will be closest.

  • Cuong Nguyen
    Cuong Nguyen

    This work is amazingly good. You are a real engineer. Makes me question my life choice of becoming a scientist. Engineering was much cooler!

  • 王兆成

    0:59 I almost died laughing 😂🤣 The movement with ironic roast lol ~

  • Bender9000

    next step with this would be to make a backboard that contorts it's shape (think going from flat to convex or concave/bending/etc). lets see that.

  • Morrowseer415

    I wanna see a collar between stuff made here and mark rober soooo bad.

  • scottbogfoot

    These are great but I'm sure there are lots of times when you quote Dr. Emmit L. Brown in saying ' you know what this means?...It means that this damn thing dosent work at all!'

  • Nuclear Rc
    Nuclear Rc

    "Let me show you 600 milliseconds...snap" 15 second ad "snap"

  • Peyton Fulkerson
    Peyton Fulkerson

    What apps do you use in all your videos on your iPad. It looks like concepts app a lot but is there any others?

  • The Life of Guyon
    The Life of Guyon


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    Ramses barranco


  • I'm A Person
    I'm A Person

    “It’s not complete, _unless you can annoy your wife”_ ~ Stuff Made Here

  • André Ferreira
    André Ferreira

    This dude be showing that everything you learn about physics and math is some sort useful.

  • matraxs

    Bro are you serius 🤣🤣 this is amazing

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody

    This guy looks like a 30 year old 10 year old.

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody

    The WNBA seriously needs this. lol!

  • Tony B.
    Tony B.

    He wanted to laugh soo hard when he said Hardened Steel Balls.

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    Sook mike Hock

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  • eric foster
    eric foster

    in the event of an apocalypse where we have to rebuild humanity's technological and mechanical capability from the ground up, I want this guy on my team.

  • Aleph Leonine
    Aleph Leonine

    also, what is the github repo link?

  • Aleph Leonine
    Aleph Leonine

    yo anneal the ball bearings first and then machine them and then heat treat them again. make sure to verify the heat treating hasnt warped them, though

  • Lassi boi
    Lassi boi

    #best youtuber ever

  • Mensa Swede
    Mensa Swede

    Eventually you will learn that best-practice is to basically ditch all things Microsoft.

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  • Chobaca

    So when are you going to start working for space x?

    • Chobaca

      Or as a teacher.

  • Anthony Collazo
    Anthony Collazo

    Let me show you six milliseconds *5 second ad plays directly after he snaps his fingers* What timing!!!

  • Aron Donk
    Aron Donk

    "nothing in my shop is going 2000 mph" Light: Am I a joke to you?

  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez

    This guy is a genius! I have an engineering project where I have do design something under $30 I’m not sure what to do or prototype but i would love ideas

  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez

    What happens when you sink in a swish? Does the backboard know to calculate and not move? Also what kind of 3D printer do you have?

  • Samet Cengiz
    Samet Cengiz

    Do a tennis wall. We need to rally with wall.

  • Kyle Ting
    Kyle Ting

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  • Steve McIrvin
    Steve McIrvin

    PLEASE BUILD A LAUNDRY FOLDING ROBOT that does all the work for you

  • scaryasitseems

    This could be good military tech

  • Ethan515

    During the 600 millisecond bit I got a 30s ad

  • Jason Spring
    Jason Spring

    Man U make these thing in a few weeks and I could never do it with 20 years to work on it lol

  • Kelly B
    Kelly B

    This kind of stuff just blows my mind. I've got a degree in mechanical engineering and understand some of the words you said. The general concept makes sense but the details like the computer programming and linear algebra are way beyond anything I studied. Amazing work, keep it up!

  • WOOP Here I GO
    WOOP Here I GO

    *_That's one good looking power box there, got one for my 3D printer._*

  • Cpy

    Have you thought about using reinforcement learning in the system?

  • Aleksandar Avramov
    Aleksandar Avramov

    INSANE! :)))

  • Kabobert

    “Let me show you 600 milliseconds”: 30 second ad plays

  • Billo Pad
    Billo Pad

    Build suggestions: my 9 year old daughter wants you to build a bridge that has cameras that recognise you to let you cross, but when your wife crosses (or someone else), a trapdoor opens so she/they get dunked! Huge build, but sounds funny! 😜😂

  • Aaron Wewer
    Aaron Wewer

    Really awesome how he wanned to show me 600ms bit UZload decided to put an ad right there, so yeah for me 600ms are 2 IceCream ads.

  • LighdarTheThird

    V3 hee hee hee

  • Steven Berthel
    Steven Berthel

    Love the concept of a can't miss hoop, and appreciate the engineering and programming that went into this version as well as the others. Not sure if someone has suggested this already, but could you get similar results with a regulation backboard that doesn't tilt in either direction but instead is made up of a grid of small solenoids? You could use all of the same ball tracking you've devised to determine where on the backboard the ball will hit and then rapidly actuate a solenoid or solenoids to redirect the shot in (might not even need to be more than 1 cm of throw for any solenoid). There would be several advantages to this approach if it could be made to work. First, with the solenoids mounted behind the backboard and flush with the surface, unless someone looked carefully they wouldn't notice it was a non-standard hoop (i.e. they wouldn't immediately know you were cheating). Second, solenoids are relatively simple bullet proof components that might be more robust. Third, there might be a way to address the very extreme, line drive shot with this approach. Just a thought. Keep up the good work

  • Arcares

    That expression on her face. :‘D I reckon sleeping on the couch for a week was worth it.

  • YasukeDarko

    Hmm you could add a tracker to your real life ball and ditch the rest of the data

  • Bodh A.
    Bodh A.

    12:41 - "last possible minute." you said it only had a couple hundred milliseconds. LOL

  • carlos ponce
    carlos ponce

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    Andrew Cheshire

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    Jackson Sparrow

    I bet Shaq would pay a pretty penny for this hoop

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    What app do you use on ipad for technical drawings?

  • Gameboy 1
    Gameboy 1

    Does he have a second channel for behind the scenes stuff

  • DrSmileMore

    Would be really interesting and helpful if you made a second video just going through how you did the calculations and wrote the software for these projects. More than entertainment, education.

  • Erna Harriet
    Erna Harriet

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  • Strykr_Killr

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    alex davidson

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    Cyrus Gladin

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  • Kieran Lyons
    Kieran Lyons

    You should stick your code for these projects on GitHub.

  • Mike H
    Mike H

    "That's why there's a plus or minus." I really wish my math teachers gave more context on what types of problems these formulas could be used to solve.

  • Brad Ting
    Brad Ting

    now make the hoop move so you can shoot at your feet and it catches it

  • Evan B 19
    Evan B 19

    It’s Awesome, Baby!

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    Roman Vasquez


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    Kelsey Gneiting

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  • Samuel Sägesser
    Samuel Sägesser

    You still need to hit within the board's range :)

  • Brady Peach
    Brady Peach

    I don't know most of the stuff he talks about. I'm only in 5th grade!

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    T Rampy

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    Make a Sisyphus table plzz

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    meeter yeeter

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    Instant Shark

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  • Rayyan Gaming
    Rayyan Gaming

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  • Shroomer

    You should really try to port this into Linux or another much faster alternative to Windows (ofc you don't have to but it's a recommendation if you are bored and want to improve the hoop). Great video btw.

  • Lethuxolo

    "So i wasn't totally satisfied with my wife, so I made another try at the problem"

  • Roel Baardman
    Roel Baardman

    Have you ever considered publishing (parts of) your code? If the microcontroller is a bottleneck, I'm sure some people online would be willing to help you improve that.

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    Uncle Mike

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  • Süleyman Kılıç
    Süleyman Kılıç

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    Naive Dreamer

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  • The_One_Titan

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  • Roel Baardman
    Roel Baardman

    I wonder why you wait until the latest moment to move the board? Why not move as soon as you know a little bit, and adjust when you receive more data? Is that infeasible due to inertia of the moving board?

    • Nyx

      Watch from 12:20 he explains it there

  • मोहन मेहरा आर्य
    मोहन मेहरा आर्य

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