Making a particle filter that doesn't wear out for my plasma cutter
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When I was designing the downdraft for my plasma cutter I was concerned that it might eject too much metal dust out of my shop and into my driveway. It turns out that I was right and as I've been cutting more I've noticed a real uptick in accumulated metal on the ground. To address this problem I built a filtering system designed to remove the bigger particles from the exhaust. Since I'm not concerned with smoke and really extremely fine vapor I was able to make a "solid state" filter that takes advantage of the inability of a heavy particle to follow a tight corner. It was inspired by cyclonic seperators on larger shop vacuum systems. From the testing that I've done it seems to work quite well and I'm pretty happy with the results.
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Here's some of the tools that I use in this video:
Hypertherm powermax 45xp with machine torch:
Hypertherm fine cut consumables (great for sheet metal)
100mm linear stage for plasma Z axis - easier than building:
Anemometer - cheap but seems to work well:
Downdraft fans - these things chooch!:
The best marker ever. Always in my pocket:
Cyclonic dust collector:

  • Husqvarna Enduro
    Husqvarna Enduro

    6:07 Is there someone else who can see the creepy wood eye looking directly to the camera?

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    Lindsay Green

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    maruthu pandian

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  • Andres Tölp
    Andres Tölp

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  • Yani Haigh
    Yani Haigh

    I feel better about all the cuts in my hands after seeing yours! :)

  • Abderrahim Acheban
    Abderrahim Acheban

    Great result, How about making an other one but this time try a small tube

  • vachanl

    This concept is used in kitchen exhaust hoods , you can further prevent sparks by using ss mesh filter After the pvc cyclonic filters .

  • Adam

    This looks like a standard pleated air filter, except evidently does not function the same. Interesting comparison to draw nonetheless.

  • Adrian Elgas
    Adrian Elgas

    Got earraped thats why dislike

  • Crow

    How is no one talking about the fart in the beginning


    you should try the water or some kind of oil filtering like a bong.

  • Dulguun Otgon
    Dulguun Otgon

    Can tesla valve serve as a dust filter?

  • Kyle Bishop
    Kyle Bishop

    This entire video has me thinking of hood vent filters that go above fryers in restaurants.

  • Robert Mecalis
    Robert Mecalis

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    togusa hirokawa

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  • Vaporized Matter
    Vaporized Matter

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  • Samuel Sägesser
    Samuel Sägesser

    Seems to work really nice. I wonder if there's a component of just slowing the air flow down to give the particles more time to fall out. Which should work too, but would probably require a large volume.

  • ponyisasquare

    I just want to say that your videos inspire me to be a better 'maker'. Thanks for sharing your experience. Super interesting and makes me want my own lab.

  • Anti Communism
    Anti Communism

    Still dangerous for your lungs, I wouldn't put cost before my lungs if I were you, unless the filter you made matches industry standards of course

  • David Wilkie
    David Wilkie

    It's said that 5 Farmers will have at least 6 ideas, but Engineers know there's 5! problems of agreeing with someone else's opinions. More fun, or thinking for yourself takes longer but is less stressed. Ie the first filter needed is a Thought Experimentalist's scepticism?

  • J Mac
    J Mac

    pretty nice. i would have recommended lifting it up, to let the particles go into a collection tray. But hey, there's always room for try number 2.

  • Hans Zyfflich
    Hans Zyfflich

    These metal dust particles are way to small for a cyclone to work.

  • DripUprising

    This is the exact filter that kitchens have in their extractions to catch grease.

  • francis weir
    francis weir

    6 > 5.5 - now this is the quality content I watch this channel for.

  • Jose Batista
    Jose Batista

    I have considered doing something analogous for the durability of LED lighting, but I suspect I would find a horse head in my bed at some point. Come to think of it, that may happen anyway.

  • Luke

    I watched this video when it first came out and thought it was good I didn’t actually know it was you who made it because I found your channel again later !

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  • dustiest spade
    dustiest spade

    This design is used for the air vents for deep friers at my job

  • Harry72

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  • Anatol Stuckey
    Anatol Stuckey

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  • Idle Research
    Idle Research

    You basically just re-invented the baffle x3 Specifically the Grease Baffle used for grill hood-fans

  • werwolf waffen
    werwolf waffen

    In Siberia we use vodka(water). Big pool under and it,s ok.

  • Victor

    You could make a filter with a tank of water.

  • E M
    E M

    Neighbors and plants, why is there always a film of metal around

  • patti441

    msybe using some kind of filter using static electricity could be interresting to test ... but I dont think you like working with tens or hundreds of kV ...

  • ThatGuy

    This video feels like a alternate universe version of this old Tony

  • Tom C
    Tom C

    Why align the S pattern baffle vertically? Would lining them up horizontally and make the particles go up the S and get gravity to help slowing down more particles?

  • TheSar

    "If all else fails - I have a fire extinguisher" First principals of the engineering and design process right there - fail forward!

  • Matthew Palkovich
    Matthew Palkovich

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  • lettuce muncher
    lettuce muncher

    7:29 ඞ ⍝

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    At 7:30 8-year olds be like “OMG HE SAID AMONG US! DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN... DU DU DUN... BO BOOM”

  • Dot

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  • Vincent Irani
    Vincent Irani

    I would have measured airflow at the inlet before the filter rather than at the exit :)

  • teamidris

    Interesting. To be honest you missed a free trick there because the fans spin the air like a centrifuge. To get a good suction on a factory extraction system I had the fans in series and going opposite directions to negate that spinning air.

  • 4mar

    7:30 did he just...


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  • D

    Can't you use a giant magnet to catch particles while they are flying?

  • Galeere2

    I mean now that you have removed most particles with this trap, you may add a porous filter to catch the smaller ones, as it wont clog up quickly anymore.

  • sosnax1

    I would probably make the walls a bit wet like setting up fog sprayers once every while to make walls more sticky for dust

  • Chris L
    Chris L

    The reason your CFM measurements are off. The majority of air flow 2/3 is typically produced in the outer ~1/3 of a fan. You need to take multiple measurements across the face of the fan and then average per AMCA standard. If you measured at the outer edge of the fan you will see the increase in air speed. Those are pressure fans with decent duct lengths which typically produce more of a consistent cross sectional air flow pattern compared to a standard exhaust or circulation fan.

  • Volker H
    Volker H

    you are grown up, sucsessfull and got a wife, stop biting your fingernails like a schoolboy

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    Line the inside of the cyclone bin with magnets than line that with a thin plastic 😬. Just an idea i’d like to see

  • Rack It Back Armory Gunsmithing
    Rack It Back Armory Gunsmithing

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  • pinkyfull

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  • Shawn Raymond
    Shawn Raymond

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  • Jon S
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  • m k
    m k

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    Make a Sisyphus table plzz

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    Giorgio Cappato

    It’s basically a simple mist eliminator, one stage pretty straightforward and common in the marine sector. Coollllll

  • Tim Hochstetler
    Tim Hochstetler

    turn the deflectors 90 degs and add one more turn so there are three deflections.

  • Ava Payne
    Ava Payne


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    Kristin Parsons

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  • king jnl
    king jnl

    It does wear out, just not much

    • king jnl
      king jnl

      I have seen these with 3mm steel with holes xD

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    Jacob McKinney

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  • BlackOak

    If you decide to revisit this, try nesting the pipe pieces as individual half circles rather than combining them into an "S". Think of clay roof tiles, except you stand them upright and leave spaces. Might reduce airflow more though as I can see how it might cause interfering airflow on the exhaust side. I would like to see it tested though

  • Unkown

    You really don't want those metal particles in your lungs

  • Mikko Rantalainen
    Mikko Rantalainen

    Video wasn't clear enough to tell but it did look like you had quite a lot leaking above and below the filter. I think you could easily get 5% leaking pass the filter. Blocking that bypass should improve filtering.

  • Ørjan Hofstad
    Ørjan Hofstad

    Why not have a water bed instead of air under your plasmacutting table? Pretty common to use.

  • Falxie_

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    catalina reed

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    Marcho Derev

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  • Doug Sundseth
    Doug Sundseth

    I wonder whether there is any reason that rotating the baffles about* 90° wouldn't work. If you did that, you should be able to use the bottom of the lower part of the S-curve as a water channel and run a continuous stream horizontally through the baffle system. The water shouldn't do much to impede the air flow, but it should allow significantly less dust through and the metal dust should be able to drop out of suspension pretty easily in a settlement barrel before the water is reused. There would be some loss of water to evaporation/atomization, but that shouldn't significantly impact the system in a negative way. * "About 90°" because you want a slope for water flow.

  • JohnEnergy2012

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  • Eli Schultes
    Eli Schultes

    I would probably bend the baffles out of regular 26 ga tin. Like the hvac stuff. Mack a jig with 2” dowels or something to bend each piece around.

  • david harrison
    david harrison

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  • Pixelmace

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  • Harimir Lightfeather
    Harimir Lightfeather

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  • 4Hunnd Degrees
    4Hunnd Degrees

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