World's most powerful bat goes boom. Made on my new Tormach 24r
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I made a baseball bat that (pretty much) always hits home runs. It uses explosive charges to put an enormous amount of power into your swing. In this video I show how I designed it and all the unexpected trials and tribulations of getting something like this to work. It turned out to be really hard but the end result is so much fun I can't complain. I don't think it's possible to use this bat and not grin.

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Wera allen keys 1000x better than el cheapos:
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  • Nsmbandpokemon

    How Yankees players feel because of the short porch

  • mikmop

    How about making a cricket bat version of this.

  • Henry Vidaurri
    Henry Vidaurri

    You should send this over to the Slowmo guys so we can see the action in slowmo!

  • scottbogfoot

    Make a club to cheat at the strong man rings the bell carnival game.

  • Bryan Barron
    Bryan Barron

    What would make a great baseball bat? Balance, center of pivot, sweet spot etc..?

  • Bryan Barron
    Bryan Barron

    What would make a great baseball bat? Balance, center of pivot, sweet spot etc..?

  • Alan Andrade
    Alan Andrade

    nobody will try to enter your house after watching this, boom-bat is awesome!

  • AlienRobotGhost

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    Juan Rousselot

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  • Ding Ding The Youtube Buddy
    Ding Ding The Youtube Buddy

    When I was 14 I hit a .22 blank with a hammer. I blew a hole in my middle fingertip

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    Marco Balbona

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    Max Fogdall

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  • DaftHacker

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    Stellarion Prime

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    Tomas Utaras

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    Héctor Álvarez Fernández

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    Explicit On Ps4

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    Andrew Valley

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  • C L3
    C L3

    Yup stadium expansion is now my new first I thought 800 ft would be great for the new home run wall but to plan for when your kid makes the next gen of bats we’ve decided 2,400 ft will be about right. May need to add a few hundred fielders to team rosters...🤪

  • Knoediss

    2:00 Metaphor for Child Birth and how women end up having multiple children.

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    Mike Rotch

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  • SMOORE180

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  • Gameatron

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  • Josh B
    Josh B

    You invented Ness's bat This also explains Ness's bat


    It must be great my late mother alway had a saying "ONLY IN AMERICA" NOT BAD FOR SOME companies seem to just give machines to all here on UZload to be Honest it makes me fricking sick to my stomach as I've asked companies for tools etc and I get told "oh we are not in the position to give out tools? For yoyr UZload channel but you can buy them from us"?? Bloody joke

  • Joseph Barton
    Joseph Barton

    Remember you re hitting off a tee. You need an auto pitcher to get that equal and opposite reaction. Babe Ruth's power was in his arm but also in the pitchers arm.

  • Richard

    Man that’s truly amazing what you can make !! Wish i had better math grades... knowing this makes math way more interesting!! 😂

  • CodPast

    10:50 you're welcome

  • Maq TheDon
    Maq TheDon

    Get someone who knows HOW to swing a bat, first. Let THEM swing the bat and see what happens, when you already have a home run hitter swinging something that can do the same.

  • srikrishna jujjavarapu
    srikrishna jujjavarapu

    Hey I'd really low to know the science/physics/mechanics involved all of your projects. I have been watching your vids non-stop for the past couple of days. Thank you!

  • Kyme Hellman
    Kyme Hellman

    This should be in the next Fallout.

  • j in AVL
    j in AVL

    Air powered rifle that is as powerful as a 5.56 ×45 cartridge

  • udunn0jb

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    Callum Evans

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    Håvard Børresen


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    Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein

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    David Sharp

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    Box Addict

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    Buttholasaurus 001

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    that's a lot of damage

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  • Tony Basterrechea
    Tony Basterrechea

    For your baseball swing. Slightly left your front lead leg stepping foward just a bit, then start your swing. Eyes on the ball. Throw your hands at the ball the bat will follow. Then rotate your hips, this is where all the power is generated from. When you're turning the hips the bat should basically be almost hitting the ball. You also are spinning your back foot now during this process. Its called squishing the bug. Should be all one motion. Look up videos for better details and to see what im talking about vs just reading it. Oh also you are choking up way too much on the bat. Put your hands at the end or bottom. You only hold it up high like you were when a dude is throwing like 90 to 100 mph and you need to get a faster swing to reach the target faster. I tell you this because you are using just your upper body and arms. And all the power in a swing is generated from your hips and legs.

  • Tony Basterrechea
    Tony Basterrechea

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