3D Printed Sheet Metal Forming (Part 2)
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In this video I show more techniques for 3D printed sheet metal press forming tools. I improve over my previous designs by making a tool with a moving action as well as fixing a major design flaw. I also demonstrate a more complicated forming operation with many features made in one pressing.
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If you missed it, you can find part one here:
Here's some of the tools that I use in this video + recurring favorites:
Hypertherm powermax 45xp with machine torch: amzn.to/2zfoyAv
Hypertherm fine cut consumables (great for sheet metal) amzn.to/34SjMom
Vise brake (highly recommend): amzn.to/3akCkhZ
Wera allen keys 1000x better than el cheapos: amzn.to/2KlCb36
Wera allen keys (english): amzn.to/2RQUxNG
The best marker ever. Always in my pocket: amzn.to/3ewHGtL
Formlabs Form 3: formlabs.com/3d-printers/form-3/

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    D'Jorn Fevrier

    What material do you print in for the tools? pros cons?

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    Hey, you might want to know, a company named "formlabs" advertises their business with your content without mentioning you (German Instagram) might want to check that out, pretty bold move of them...

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    love this guy

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    I love that when you say some up grades at -0:48 it sounds like you are saying Smug Grades! BTW you have the best channel on the internet, please do not stop.

  • 13loodyDove

    Leaving a groove for a string would be wise as to aid in pulling the part out

  • Rodney Sharp
    Rodney Sharp

    if you lubricate your forms it will be much easier remove the formed parts. It will also take less force to form the part.

  • kampkrieger

    There is just one thing that you missed: not everybody has a plasma cutter :D :D

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    Which video came first, this or the steel toe Crocs? But have you tried this method to make steel toe Crocs?

  • Wilson Richard
    Wilson Richard

    You can drill holes in it and use air to blow it off.

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    David Marshall

    This vid is like a cross of TOT and The Hydraulic Press channel.

  • Pilot8091

    Why not put a couple holes in the 3D prints so that you can knock the parts off with a piece of brass or plastic, instead of prying?

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    Ivan Hunter

    Gear is great. Really learning a lot for your videos. Thank you

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    This is in 16 gage steel? Dang!

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    Do a 3d printing video of your dies

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    hiya, is there anyway i can contact you, to discuss this process in detail with you for a semi- commercial setup. thanks

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    Enwidened? I believe you meant embiggened.

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    Is Formlabs using your images with permission? Because they're using a bunch of images that I recognize from this video and the previous one for their "how to do rapid tooling for sheet metal forming" whitepaper.

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    Ifeanyi Ibeanu

    Will heating and/or scoring help?

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    i really want to see someone make a 3d form for stamped ak parts that would be cool as hell

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    delrin or delrin II by DuPont.. it has the structure that might perform better than what you are using.. not real sure.. Delrin is millable.. but brittle at times..

  • Hakeem Hasworth
    Hakeem Hasworth

    I replayed the clip at 5:55 half a dozen times, each time at a slower playback speed. Super satisfying to watch the fruits of deliberated research and development.

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    First thing that comes to mind is mac10 or Uzi

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    alexander O

    Alright so you can basically manufacture stamped receivers for AKs

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    Maybe this episode can give you some useful ideas for metal toe crocks

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    I have a challenge for you can you make me a 390cfm carburettor that barely uses any petrol but has same power As a normal carburettor for a 245 hemi chrysler your brain is soo cool and you are so smart i would love to have this invention of you please accept my challenge

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    What did you study to be able to all these cool stuff. XD:

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    Soufiane Aallouli

    you could try to help it by warming the steel

  • bountyhunter

    I am currently working on a press tool prototype. If mine doesn’t work, I am definitely trying your idea with the rotating parts! Really well done. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    These rolling dies are called "Rolla-v Die" by some MFGs

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    This gave me an idea thanks

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    Super jealous of your shop. Great workspace!

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    Grayson Bennett

    A little tardy to the party (I've been binge watching these cause your channel is amazing) but if you put some strong springs on the bottom (kinda like in pt.1) but on the bottom, it'll push the part out so you don't have pry it off

  • Eric In SF
    Eric In SF

    Big mistake! Make your metal about 1/2” bigger than the stamp. Easier to peel off and you trim the edge for no warped edges

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    Why is two in French?

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    today I had lesson of sheet metal forming in university, and now YT recomends me this...

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    You should make a quiet propeller-less drone dyson fan style @Nilesh Gandhi

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    mick coomer

    Used to work in a car pressings factory. One day a idiot over rode the safety interlock on the final draw on a sump tool and put a second component in the tool without removing the first. Very loud bang as the die exploded and bits carried about 50 feet.

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    Ethan Salvadore

    I want you to make a video about that tree climbing robot that hangs Christmas lights

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    Adrian Tam

    I wonder if you could like bend out an AK receiver with this

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    Nikolai Damgård

    What inspired the tool with the rotary action? It's really inventive!

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    Paul Robertson

    Best way to learn from mistakes. Really like the way you go about stuff. Good work

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    Do you think this would work with a filament printer?

  • JD Kemsley
    JD Kemsley

    How about making the dies out of CNC'd wood? I don't know how well various woods perform under compression, but that has to be cheaper than the resin you used, right?

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    Great idea, but poorly explained...

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    Wtf. Now I have to order a press haha

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    Not exactly sure why you don't initially explain what type of 3D printing they appear to be resin and not filament printing would you please clarify your message and material it would help to tell me the make and model is

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    SWEET project!

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    Please deburr your freshly cut parts, it'll not only look way better/professional but it would also come off the mold more easily 🤗

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    “These two turned out grate...these tools don’t have grate alignment.” Stuff Made Here “Anyway, that’s the way I heard it.” Mike Rowe

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    Fantasy Engineered.

    yup! thats cute...get some calipers, or some thickness gauges. and subtract the thickness of u'r sheets you want to bend/fabricate...subtract the thickness from each face...done...

  • Scorched Earth
    Scorched Earth

    You should use different dies for different steps of the process. Not for all products, but for the grate for example. That way the dies experience less stress, and you can review each step.

  • Carl Antaya
    Carl Antaya

    Could you have some holes in the bottom part so that you could stick something through it to push out? Instead of prying with screwdrivers.

  • ar5000

    I just bought a Form3. Can you let me know which resins you were using? I'm guessing Grey Pro and Rigid 10k

  • idriwzrd

    The feed rate on your plasma table is impressive.

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe

    Have you ever considered working with carbon fiber for your moldings since it is stronger than steel? It might be a bit more expensive than the plastic or material you use for the molding but it is definitely stronger. My question isn’t about price since it is probably expensive and maybe more expensive than the steel you use. My question is geared towards physics and engineering. I saw a video with a brief explanation of carbon fibers stating that engineers must know what the project entails of and the stats of the carbon fiber before using it. What could be the problems with carbon fibers?

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    I'm just saying, the AK crowd is going to love you, and the gun grabbers are going to cry.

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    What resin did you print that twin barrel form with?

  • InscruitableFilletKnife Sharps
    InscruitableFilletKnife Sharps

    Very cool, not to mention you can even make a hydrolic press out of an old 20 ton jack if you're just starting out with sheet metal stamping. A start up cost of only about $500 at the cheapest.

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    I'm not a fabricator but these videos are awesome man! I love ingenuity.

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    I was wondering if these roll dies are on GrabCad Community or anything similar?


    Came here to share a piece of experience which I learned from Martin Molin (Wintergatan). Plasma-cut edge gets hardened due to heat. The scratches of the forming tool might originate from this kind of hardened burr at the edges. I'd try the same forming action with a machined steel, just to see if anything changes. Deburring could change something too, but doing it by hand looks like a lot of work, and doing it at a CNC mill is the same as cutting it in the mill in the first place.

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    Chris Hayes

    this deserves a sub. EXCELLENT work!!!!!!!

  • Renzsu

    Do you anneal the sheetmetal before forming or does it get annealed enough by the plasma cutting?

  • Matthew Burrell
    Matthew Burrell

    I've worked for almost 7 years in sheet metal manufacturing. I find it impressive how close to actual tools and methods you are getting with what I assume is no or limited prior knowledge of sheet metal. Your rotary benders are extremely close to commercially available ones.

  • Linus Berglund
    Linus Berglund

    Aluminium tape is probably the best solution, but I have found that graphite from a pencil is a fantastic lube for things like this. At least when "quick and dirty" is an adequate solution. I have used it on everything from squeking drawers to high precision metal things

  • Mat

    normally for bent parts you want to anneal them in an oven afterwards, to remove residual stresses when entering the plasticity zone. The annealing process (temperature, timing, and cooling ramping) would depends on the material you have bent. If you don't anneal them, depending how they are loaded in service, they can fail early in fatigue.

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    This dude is so next level. Blows me away every time

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    This isn’t even my final form

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    Anthony Warren

    Time for you to look into composite manufacturing. More toys, better stuff.

  • Anthony Warren
    Anthony Warren

    Think of using injector pins as used in injection molding to get your parts out of your tools.

  • DownThereForDancing

    If you connect the two circles in the centre into a single slot the part will be more rigid (unable to bend along that centreline). Similarly it would be interesting to arrange the slots to eliminate any straight lines. The result should be very rigid. For removing the part, you should look into ejector pins which would allow you to apply an evenly distributed force to remove the part (minimise any twisting/scratching). I really enjoyed this two-parter and would love to see an update in the future.

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    Sounds like youre using Inventor. Great tool. Might make a tool like this to sink a countersunk bolt into sheet metal.

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    Did he have some type of surgery on his hand?

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    Dominic Kelly

    you designed a press tool with no space for the material.???!! oh well at least you got it right the second time. good video. i will be making some of these tools soon.

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    Lightning link???

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    That rotating die idea is brilliant! 👍

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    you can make the plasma cutting machine start the holes for that part from the middle so that you don't get that imperfection

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    3d printed progressive tool and die very awesome! This channel never ceases to amaze me.

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