See in complete darkness with touch
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I got nerd sniped by a great comment in a previous video. The idea was to make some kind of device to let blind people perceive their surroundings. The specific suggestion was to make some kind of a vest. Ultimately I ended up making an iPad case that uses the sensors in the iPad to perceive the surroundings and communicates through tactile feedback via a special hand grip. It was a fun project and turned out pretty neat.
I use a 13" iPad for all my technical drawing:
Parts used in this build:
2020 iPad pro 13":
Apple pencil:
Teensy 3.6:
Pancake stepper:
Leadscrew stepper:
Stepper drivers:
Books that I've read to learn many of the skills used in this project:
Real time collision detection:
Introduction to algorithims:
Planning algorithims:
Computational geometry:
Other tools and things that I think are great:
Wera allen keys 1000x better than el cheapos:
Wera allen keys (english):
Cordless angle grinder - this thing will change your life:
Dropped off ladder 20x and still going strong:
Wera allen keys 1000x better than el cheapos:
Wera allen keys (english):
Vise brake (highly recommend):
20 ton press brake kit:
Hypertherm powermax 45xp with machine torch:
Hypertherm fine cut consumables (great for sheet metal)
The best marker ever. Always in my pocket:
"_IMG7503" by OzAdr1an is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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    Stuff Made Here

    Thanks SimpliSafe for sponsoring this video. SimpliSafe is award-winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock. It's really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts. Check out SimpliSafe here:

    • Travis Knecht
      Travis Knecht


    • Phu Nguyen
      Phu Nguyen

      Please revisit this project with the iPhone 12 there’s this new app called SiteScape try it out and improve on it

    • krauzie plays
      krauzie plays

      I have a question why wouldn't you just use a glove for this project?

    • George Saint
      George Saint

      perhaps you should make a whisker system for shoes and hands.

    • Disapproving Cynic
      Disapproving Cynic

      Going forward with your interesting invention keep in mind that there is a braille literacy crisis in the US, where fewer than 10% of the 1.3 million people who are legally blind can read braille, this applies to both adults and children.

  • Nostamine

    12:20 ... ah yes i imagine someone stealing your tormach through the window .....

  • Jake Jackson
    Jake Jackson

    @10:27 are you learning Chinese??? Just when I thought you couldn't get any cooler. 我非常喜欢你所有的影片!

  • Tommi Bomb
    Tommi Bomb

    how can i be as smart as you!!

  • Yandog1

    maybe instead of (or along with) the tactile feedback, you could have auditory feed back where a voice actually tells you the distance seperating you from an object or a wall.

  • Adam Dvořák
    Adam Dvořák

    You should make like pin mesh

  • Xeridanus

    I wonder if you could convert the sensor feedback into audio somehow. They have 3d headphones these days, you could have a button to send out a ping and hear it just like echolocation. I've been watching Daredevil recently.

  • youtube sucks
    youtube sucks

    iPad runs out of battery. Blind man about to walk out into a street, alright it’s clear.

  • Kevynn Brand
    Kevynn Brand

    I'm sure it's been mentioned in comments somewhere here already, but maybe putting the camera system in "smart seeing glasses" and then some sort of walker, or cane with your pressure pins on it would be great?

  • tater anus
    tater anus

    my security system is a 12 gage shotgun

  • Andrew Wade
    Andrew Wade

    you're more prepared than anyone for a bird box type apocalypse

  • Dirt Dawg
    Dirt Dawg

    love your channel just discovered it. youre a total badass

  • Francis Kwo
    Francis Kwo

    IDEAS: When 2 martial artists A and B are fighting in complete darkness, it would be nice to have a sensor detecting the direction of punch or kick from the opponent B and transfer the information to A using tactile through the shirt, so they can fight in complete darkness.

  • Roy Darnell
    Roy Darnell

    What resin printer are you using?

  • Batang Angler's
    Batang Angler's

    I think it's more easier when that thing poking gadget is placed on the body , left and right portion 👍🏻 then i think that's look awesome augmented

  • D'Jorn Fevrier
    D'Jorn Fevrier


  • IceFalken Ace
    IceFalken Ace

    Hmm, what about putting the sensors into a pair of sun glasses using Bluetooth or wifi to communicate with the brail kind of device? Btw, you and your wife need to have your own show. You guys crack me up!

  • The Life of Guyon
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  • João Gabriel P.Rocha
    João Gabriel P.Rocha


  • User

    Learn echo location?

  • MrRawage


  • charli Reyno
    charli Reyno

    Bro if you keep doing that you can have your own company in the future and will help alotttttt!! And you'll get rich !!!!!

  • John Grimble
    John Grimble

    I could picture this being a practical useful product.

  • MrRawage

    This should be on everyone's recommended and all the other practical science building channels

  • Pug Corp
    Pug Corp

    I like how quickly he was like maybe testing the front would not be a good image for him

  • Bara Robber Baron
    Bara Robber Baron

    I know this video is like an overdue baby old but I have to say it, this could really and truly be an amazing product. Obviously it's far too intricate atm to be ready for massproduction, but I swear you could make this happen. It could be in a phonecase now (though you'd probably need some decals so people know you are not filming them), probably would also work in a cane or for the older blind people, in the handles of a walker. This could legit change the quality of life for many folks, please consider developing it further. It costs like $25,000 to train a seeing eye dog? Surely you could get this to cost less than that. Might need to add a battery pack that you clip on your belt because battery drain would be a real thing.

  • Ippolito Construction
    Ippolito Construction

    I work as wildland firefighter and I think a guided missile style fire suppression device would be pretty cool. Especially if it could also be used to plant trees in hard to reach areas.

  • Joey Licalzi
    Joey Licalzi

    Please do more with this! revise, make it with more features, anything... so freaking cool

  • Isaiah Narraway
    Isaiah Narraway

    I am offended, i wear kenect all the time!

  • Thelonious Breskin
    Thelonious Breskin

    you seriously need to spend more time explaining how that cylinder works.

  • S K
    S K

    So, a simple cell jammer (easy to find) defeats your whole alarm system -audible alarms? I hope it's not that simple. Thanks for your main video content be safe...

  • John Crombie
    John Crombie

    Depth sensing: project an infra red grid of dots. View them with a digital camera filtered to see the dots. The closer the dots are to each other, the closer the objectthey are hitting is. Can't see the dots then there is nothing there. I don't know how líder works but I assume it is something like this.

  • Lucas Foster
    Lucas Foster

    Perhaps solenoids, or hydraulic/pneumatic actuators? You can get solenoids super tiny, or even push wire out the cylinder with tiny motors for each wire, instead of larger rods

  • one tome plz
    one tome plz

    Did he just make mini map

  • Matt Gullo
    Matt Gullo

    fuck. with the technology of Google glasses, there's no reason you can't set this up in some sort of Eyewear with Bluetooth to the product. the Eyewear will also give the person the feel of site, as they will be "seeing" with there hands where ever there head is pointed. The glasses could have a battery/spot for your techy stuff right over the ears simular to how hearing aids are.

  • Vanisher

    send this to the lockpicking lawyer

  • Jalen Reed
    Jalen Reed

    I am from the future and they put the lidar on the iPhone 12 Pro Max

  • DoAsInfiniity

    Bezos or musk should give you money and let you build practical things

  • Hazem Helal
    Hazem Helal

    lol, in Europe you just pay like 5 dollars a month for an insurance company and no matter what happens to your house they will pay you to fix or buy anything you lost without any extra coasts

  • Manish Kumawat
    Manish Kumawat

    also get a insurance bro

  • 3LITE_ Force
    3LITE_ Force

    Fun fact it more than likely took him like 4 x as long to edit as the actual video

  • Thomas Hernandez
    Thomas Hernandez

    I would gladly help out with that stark tech glove. You can shoot that thing towards my hand!

  • Muz Anunciacion
    Muz Anunciacion

    You really a genius guy 👌 Helping thw world invention? Make mechanical arms or legs for people with disability.n♥️

  • Matt Cruikshank
    Matt Cruikshank

    Love the video. I'm curious if you could make "Iron Man Gloves" that sense distance to the closest object. So you could wander around, using your hands to "feel" how far away things are. So, put one LIDAR sensor on each hand, find the closest distance, translate that to either heat, or vibration from a motor, or use pneumatic pressure to squeeze your fingers... Or maybe each finger gets its own squeeze, so you cal "feel" as you run your fingers across an edge.

  • StarS

    Fuck me we think the same...and here I was using my phone camera to walk on the street since my eyes cant see shiit , keep it up I love this

  • eric foster
    eric foster

    I wonder if it would be possible to scale up a quad copter style drone to the point that it could carry a person.


    I think Kinect as a 3D Scanner would be better for that and placed in the mouth a tongue sensor/controller three sensors right left and straight

  • Joshuapoako

    Bird box application

  • Mitchell Riggins
    Mitchell Riggins

    You could use motors outside and gears inside

  • Mitchell Riggins
    Mitchell Riggins

    I feel like your wife plays a character in all the videos but idk its so consistent

  • John Burr
    John Burr

    Dungeon-crawler tool for LARP players. Just saying.

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    Jerry Fanai

    When this channel gets 10 mil subs .... I will run around naked in the streets filmed .... Mark my words...

  • FrankBecker

    Turn around so I can test the front 😐

  • Anjali 3pf
    Anjali 3pf

    This has to be my favourite channel. Ever.

  • Drew Mortenson
    Drew Mortenson

    wait why has this not been expanded on and turned into a potential device for blind people?

  • Siegi Hoschie
    Siegi Hoschie

    Great Project! But, how would it be to do this over tiny Heatpads. This alows a higher resolution and also less weight and a smaler buidsize. Maybe it coud be steered directly over the USB Port... Just a Thought...

  • M L
    M L

    How old is he looks young to have so much experience and knowledge

  • J.

    @Stuff Made Here Thank you for the cool Video! What device and which software do you use to draw on it and visualize things? I think its very cool. Thanks for an answer, best regards :)

  • Rock Balancer
    Rock Balancer

    4:28 ... the EU or Canada ... or Nigeria, or Australia, or Tibet, or Chile, or Madagascar, or Russia, or The Phillipines... name a country that isnt Myanmar, Liberia or The United States of Assault Rifles. The imperial system had its day but clinging to it when we have a better one is just stupid. Even for an engineer.

  • WOOP Here I GO
    WOOP Here I GO

    Tesla uses camera, not lidar

  • Robert X
    Robert X

    Seems to me that I remember a research project that used an array of pins (as pixels?) to press into the user's back, to convey a camera image. With newer technology there are probably a lot of possibilities.

  • El Chingón
    El Chingón

    You're mad smart and creative. New sub for sure

  • AMetalPenguin

    Really cool video! Perhaps Version 2 can use a 360 camera that sends its feed to the iPad?

  • Oxyuran

    Hmm... If you're shooting for a phone case, could it work using piezoelectric actuators under the pins and frequency or vibration patterns to communicate the info?

  • Josie Bianchi
    Josie Bianchi

    I wonder how this would work as a glove/pair of gloves, with a chest-mounted or otherwise front-mounted bodycam

  • kilicsami

    What a genius💯👊🏻... we could so much💪🏻

    • kilicsami

      Also forgot to say I subscribed.. genius 😊

  • La Cai
    La Cai

    ya could had used voice? it could had said object right or left, object infront. But i ques ya were not able to make a stabbing vest so ya went to stab fingers! Edit: And even ask user height so it could say that hallway is not tall enuff or that Stairs ahead! going down/up. Street lights color, by img detection, i think some blind people would even use it, basically like complex blind people GPS, listen music and get instructions.

  • Timothy Bexon
    Timothy Bexon

    This is a genius idea.

  • Flameraker48

    his wife looks like he bought her in the dollar store

  • Mysterious Shadow
    Mysterious Shadow

    I have an idea make it better rotate a long rod that will have pins and the servos will rotate it

  • TheAlphaPyro

    I remember reading How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck. Good book. A lot of obvious stuff but the emphasis of narrative is definitely true. You do a good job with that because of the whole invention journey thing.

  • TheAlphaPyro

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  • Joao Gabriel Fekete
    Joao Gabriel Fekete

    I wonder why this is not being manufactured yet. It seems to be a game changing

  • DerTobi

    Wouldn´t it be easier to do it with headphones? Instead of a pressure on the fingers you can hear a sound thats getting louder, the closer u are. You only need a headohone with surround sound.

  • Homer Sims
    Homer Sims

    you could just get a longer stick but yeah this is cool too

  • Ahmad Albaraa Alaa
    Ahmad Albaraa Alaa

    Hopefully he gets to see this. I really hope there's a follow up video for this, this is very interesting and useful i'd love to see it become a thing.

  • MansyBuckets

    I am convinced this is Michael Scolfield in the flesh

  • Los Mijines
    Los Mijines

    Amazing Idea! Thanks for this incredible content. Which do you use for the drawings in the tablet ?

  • Devesh Acharya
    Devesh Acharya

    A Collab with Mark Rober would be the BEST THING I WOULD EVER WANT TO SEE ON UZload. Agree?

  • Paul van Gemmeren
    Paul van Gemmeren

    Imagine if your phone could C-4 you. This could be really useful in low-visibility situations. But more than anything it should be useful for people who are blind.

  • Logan Myers
    Logan Myers

    Please patent something like this for the blind

  • The Illegitimate President
    The Illegitimate President

    What kinda idiot introduces all of their security system to millions of people? In security circles it's usually called a foolish move. Even if it speaks of your confidence, it could be misplaced as all security systems can be exploited, and you just made it easier. That's why there's a saying about how the smartest people are also some of the dumbest ones.

  • vorname nachname
    vorname nachname

    8:00 so basically vtec

  • Jesus Quinones
    Jesus Quinones

    That would be really cool if you put liDAR on glasses and have a Bluetooth remote.

  • Migs Cleofe
    Migs Cleofe

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  • Jan Joost Sijbesma
    Jan Joost Sijbesma

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  • M W
    M W

    Crazy Scientist Guided Missiles use cases: - Search & Rescue: fire a missile with a flare to the coordinates of distress beacons or similar - Fire explosives from a uav for controlled avalanches - Fire particles into the atmosphere to disperse clouds with precision - remove drones from airport airspace (the bad ass way) - Democratize crazy weapon systems - plant a bunch of trees using a guided missile No more excuses, get to work;)

  • Shubham Pawar
    Shubham Pawar

    your wife probably needs simplisafe the most

  • Stirling Clark
    Stirling Clark

    "Unless it's light in the EU or Canada..." Or France, or Germany, or Chad, or China, or Bulgaria, or Northern Cyprus, or Liechtenstein...

  • Jonathan Orosco
    Jonathan Orosco

    Why wouldn't you use channels and just compressed air to drive the pins.

  • Fiasco The 63rd
    Fiasco The 63rd

    I love how the top screen of the monitor layout always has some funny Amazon product on it. Makes the coding moments that much better.

  • Michaels Daily Life
    Michaels Daily Life

    I know that this is an older video, but have you thought about building a sort of glove? Then you could use the persons whole palm to create a sort of map. Overall this is an awesome idea for for sure!

  • erik steele
    erik steele

    Why not use solenoids to push the pins?

  • Ngo Hanh Phuong
    Ngo Hanh Phuong

    The delicious help archaeologically shelter because gauge postoperatively tease underneath a craven palm. wealthy, shiny sandra

  • Jas B.
    Jas B.

    Did you consider using a common rail actuator with pizioelectric gate switches for each pin? You could power the valve body with a simple CO2 cartridge used to make soda. The system would mimic a fuel injection system in a modern EFI engine.

  • elec tronica
    elec tronica

    Anyone knows the name of the iPad app he uses for sketching?

  • a san
    a san

    Has anyone found out what app he uses to make his drawings??

  • Captain_Coleslaw

    This is basicly using Honda's Vtec from thier late 90's engines to push a bunch of tactile bumps, i found that really neat!

  • Nihal Rissane
    Nihal Rissane

    Me after seining 20 videos one after the other and regretting taking civil engineering. 😑

  • Parker Ferguson
    Parker Ferguson

    I imagine a design to fit in a phone case could utilize the same technique that phones use for their vibration motors. That way you don't re-invent the wheel. Possibly a longer adaptation of it or multiples of already manufactured ones each with their own corresponding ball or pin for textile feel on a slimmer case. It could even draw the power directly from the phone since the voltage and wattage can remain very low