Fixing a little mess with a big mess
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Several years ago I built a CNC machine. It's been having some flood coolant system issues so I decided to cut out the heart of the coolant system and build it stronger. In this video I show how I did that.
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Tools that I use in this video + recurring favorites:
Import spot welder. Cheap bulletproof:
Rivnuts + tool:
Digital angle gauge:
Bench sheet metal brake:
Coolant tank + pump:
Vise brake (highly recommend):
20 ton press brake:
Hypertherm powermax 45xp with machine torch:
Hypertherm fine cut consumables (great for sheet metal)
Cordless angle grinder - this thing will change your life:
Dropped off ladder 20x and still going strong:
Wera allen keys 1000x better than el cheapos:
Wera allen keys (english):
The best marker ever. Always in my pocket:

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    Connie Grunwald

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    Connie Grunwald

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  • EZDoesIt321

    Did any chips get through the filter?

  • Andrew Broeker
    Andrew Broeker

    Should have applied aquarium sealant everywhere you were attaching liquid-holding surfaces with rivnuts

  • CATgaming

    Look like the cnc has flipping oil pan from a engine

  • Jack Tv rell
    Jack Tv rell

    Bug on the table at 12:12

  • The Life of Guyon
    The Life of Guyon


  • SwitchLite

    put a magnet right at your pump inlet to grab any small metal pieces.

  • David Hicks
    David Hicks

    You should do a video explaining your favorite tools and how to build some of them.

  • rota m8
    rota m8

    getting this old tony vibes

  • Thelonious Breskin
    Thelonious Breskin

    can we see a shop tour? all your tools, etc?

  • Gana Dube
    Gana Dube

    19:00 it's super *coolent* 😎

  • Max Warwick
    Max Warwick

    Idk why but I love the way he says 'coolant'. Ik it's weird but yeah

    • Max Warwick
      Max Warwick

      Maybe it's just the word coolant

  • Rory Hoadley-Simpson
    Rory Hoadley-Simpson

    “Hey Fry, it’s me Bender!”

  • Fredrik Stål
    Fredrik Stål

    Is it just me or does he sound like Noam Chomsky?

  • Flo Ri
    Flo Ri

    Does he imply at 14:18 that the plasma cutter is as home built as the CBC machine? This guy is just there building 30 000 $ of tools by himself

  • ZesPak

    Just a question: why the plastic container for the coolant? I know from a thermal pov it doesn't really get that hot, but I was wondering.

  • ricardo

    You could add a removable primary catch filter to easy the cleanout process 😉 very nice project 👌

  • Rob Mckennie
    Rob Mckennie

    Glue? Why didn't you just spot weld it? "So then I spot welded through the glue" 😑

  • Sup Guys27
    Sup Guys27


  • Badger

    Who else jumped at 2:00 or is it just my OCD for safety~?

  • amanuense

    just started watching and my first thought was... this video has a this old tony vibe to it.

  • Elder Rochelle
    Elder Rochelle

    Make a video showing us how to make our own cnc machines

  • La Cai
    La Cai

    Great engineering, worked as kind a special electrician 10 years, build the stuff that big company didnt want to build bcs so complex many times doing SERVICE was not in engineers mind at all! And often they did not plan how to install stuff, like there is a wire from wall to wall 10m long and 4x10kg lights, walls were pretty much paper, so how to attach? wire tightness so it can carry them, noone in plans, or when we build this light art, which had 600 vertical wires in it, no horizontals to stabilize and it were in subway! hahaha bring it up to him did not get any solution so had to do own, ofc the wires had to be able to removed and tightened now and then, so we just made it whit long bolts. which had like 5cm empty space to adjust.

  • Pabs

    Could he use a magnet to clean all shavings off?

  • nerfzinet

    Out of context quote of the year: "This is definitely one of the best tub experiences I've ever had.... It's almost always a nightmare.."

  • Plx

    This Video was lucky for me !!!!

  • Mark Chippendale
    Mark Chippendale

    I was rather surprised that you never used any compressible gasket material between parts at any point.

  • Nicolas Kowalski
    Nicolas Kowalski

    “One of the best tub experiences I’ve ever had...” 😂

  • RJ T
    RJ T

    I dig the This Old Tony style video ^^

  • Bruise

    Why didn't you do the 90 degree elbow brackets you spot welded on the outside (or something else) so that the coolant doesn't have to run between the bracket and the panel?

  • Bruise

    Maybe your bending pen should mark two different lines for internal and external bends (if that's the right term - the two different ways of bending). Eg dotted line for one

  • Robytium

    I’m gonna make you look so silly watch “Keep less steel dust off” implies you’re making sure dust gets on it. You want “keep more dust off” or “get less dust on”>:) Anyways, love your content dude. Pretty inspiring stuff! I’m a hobbyist knife-maker but honestly you make me wanna get into machining lmao

  • Sidney Bovet
    Sidney Bovet

    Nobody's gonna mention This old Tony?

  • Naiver Miigon
    Naiver Miigon

    That mini CNC machine model is so cute!

  • Byron Isbell
    Byron Isbell

    i love the business logic, lmfao.

  • Der_Katzentyp

    i would put a overhead shower in there cause the loose metal annoys the fuck out of me

  • Nick Janse
    Nick Janse

    1:59 I actually jumpscared a little. wtf

  • Precision rifle reviews
    Precision rifle reviews

    This video could only be made better by a few sarcastic comments from Mrs stuff made here.

  • Rodney Sharp
    Rodney Sharp

    nut plates are better than rivnuts... Just sayin.

  • Eliju

    Still not as bad as cleaning up MRF fluid. That's a nearly impossible task.

  • T Blood
    T Blood

    dude your awesome/ i still think i can beat you in pool tho even w your star wars pool cue

  • Josh Pavelich
    Josh Pavelich

    I'm a year late but here it is! As an aircraft mechanic I see lots of rivnuts. I hate em. After enough ins and outs they loose grip and start to spin. Anchor nuts (or nut plates) are much better. Imagine a captive nut on a plate which is riveted to the surface. Much more reliable. Either way, better than a plain nut! Great video!

  • Rich Dobbs
    Rich Dobbs

    Recently, I built a furnace for melting aluminum. I found out that under normal operating conditions, the firebrick at temperature can conduct enough current to trip a GFCI. So I had to rip out my 20 amp GFCI's and replace them with standard 20 amp receptacles. I stopped using those receptacles as convenient places to plug in my power tools. Also, I started to worry about where I had plugged in extension cords into my some of my "dedicated circuits". Sure, there is plenty of capacity on my water heater circuit, but despite that circuit being located in my garage, it doesn't have a GFCI! I better come up with a better solution for my wet saw!

  • emil jones
    emil jones

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  • Callum Withey
    Callum Withey

    What do u do with them chips

  • Megan Christensen
    Megan Christensen

    2:58 one problem i see is that the very bottom is flat. this is just like the old version, but smaller.

  • Oshu

    Why are the smartest people so damn lazy

  • Plagueless

    Where’s the thing where “everybody” expects you to be the best welder I haven’t heard a single UZloadr say they are kinda good at welding

  • Tuan Le
    Tuan Le

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  • Viggo L Andrén
    Viggo L Andrén

    Gotta be honest. Dont know shit bout this stuff, it came up as “recommended” but I looked through the entire vid and it was kinda facinating to watch :()

  • Matthew Palkovich
    Matthew Palkovich

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    Ryan Hannigan

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  • Eel On Musk
    Eel On Musk

    At least it meant you had cleaner coolant

  • Cecil

    but why the tabs on the inside, wouldnt it be better outside?

  • Andrew Viel
    Andrew Viel

    You're saying sea machine is cool and the video is cool and I don't mean to devalue your video but those rivnuts are my favorite part lol I think you should make your CNC machine available to the public little compact unit like that would be pretty cool

  • Erna Harriet
    Erna Harriet

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  • bropeep07

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet. I used Argon to scribe bend lines when I was cutting parts. I ended up adding scribe lines for weld spots too.

  • Freelectron

    shout out to this old tony production company

  • Steven Lambert
    Steven Lambert

    I never have any idea what is going on in your videos I just like to listen to you talk

  • Mr Moss
    Mr Moss

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  • Cole Trickle
    Cole Trickle

    Looks a lot like an oil pan.

  • Captain_Coleslaw

    Locktite all the machine screws so you dont have leaks through them!

  • Angel Madrid
    Angel Madrid

    For some reason that shock animation spooked the absolute beans out of me.

  • Felix from Nebraska
    Felix from Nebraska

    I really love your project tenacity, Shane. You always include these setbacks in your videos, and I appreciate that. I took some programming back in the early '70s; I never made that my career field and always wondered why. Anyway, I digress. Thanks for always including the mistakes that are made in your videos. It gives us a better idea of the processes that you go through to create your project. You always give a glimpse into your systematic brain. I sure wish I was better at math and science. Thanks for sharing. Felix

  • Dennis Dickson
    Dennis Dickson

    $3.00 tube of silicon would’ve been a lot easier.

  • Leonardo Calegaro
    Leonardo Calegaro

    Really nice

  • David Marshall
    David Marshall

    7:30 focus you fack

  • Gamer xd
    Gamer xd

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  • admiralcapn

    This feels like an Adam Savage build

  • Days Games
    Days Games

    18:59 Pun?

  • Robert Halvorsen
    Robert Halvorsen

    I am glad you show more than just your hands now :)

  • Keith Miller
    Keith Miller

    Channeling his inner ThisOldTony....

  • Cody Allen
    Cody Allen

    Rivnuts truly are a great invention. I can't count how many times I've used them in projects. Great video as always!

  • Lily Arlatto
    Lily Arlatto

    *spills all the coolant* "I see this as an absolute win!"

  • Glebiys LA
    Glebiys LA

    What is that coolant? Not just the water? Why clean it up with kitty litter making such a mess instead of just picking it with the sponge and wiping the floor in 5 mins. Is it the exercise from your book “how to waste time”? Be honest!)

  • Dankrupt

    That one piece looks like a Pizza Hut car topper

  • MobileCrusader

    I spent a summer at college operating a machine that made Rivnuts. I was super excited to see someone actually use some.

  • max Vyanachavelsh
    max Vyanachavelsh

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  • Lernyd

    At one point my brain thought "hey, this guy kinda sounds like Dwight from the Office", and now I can't unhear it. Thanks, brain.

  • Bradley Bauder
    Bradley Bauder

    I'd love to see a video on how you built this machine

  • FAST///M3

    I don't even know how to use these machines but I like the videos💪


    Make a Sisyphus table plzz

  • Andre_601

    18:00 Man... That's one hell of an arm and hand... Look at all those veins and such.

  • B Miller
    B Miller

    Some standoffs and a protective sheet of metal raised over the screen area would eliminate that chance of tool damage to the screen. Seems easier to do once, than multiple screen replacements in the future!

  • Just Some Hex
    Just Some Hex

    He said his new coolant spray is super cool

  • jozzerful2

    That is a great job

  • jozzerful2

    I worked making air conditioning and manufacturing the ducting if you had a proper folder you can remove teeth which will allow for folding without crunching a fold already on the side they also have a bar that is a counterweight when it goes past Centre or plum the weights help you fold with less weight on your body.

  • Joao Vitor Silva
    Joao Vitor Silva

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  • this guy I think
    this guy I think

    Piza hut

  • alexis de tokeville
    alexis de tokeville

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  • Lindsie Ambrose
    Lindsie Ambrose

    JESUS LOVES YALL 💘💖❤💕💗💓💘💖❤💕💗💓💘💖❤💕

  • Paul Boston
    Paul Boston

    Hopefully this guy watches Mike Patty and his airplane builds. Both phenomenally talented and both have magnificent tools! And patient wives!

  • Tech DIYer
    Tech DIYer

    You should make a video on how to build your own CNC Machine... The spot welding was actually quite interesting. ive never seen it before, love your videos!!

  • Gervin Ryan Madiclom
    Gervin Ryan Madiclom

    Am I the only one who felt uncomfortable when he picked up those chips? I feel like it can get inside the skin.

  • Aj Jones
    Aj Jones

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  • Falxie_

    Wouldn't mind seeing more videos like these by the way

  • TtheThermalGuy

    Yhea, I also hate dealing with little nuts...

  • Tenchcnet

    13:41 Ricky from TPB speaking.

  • Doctor carrots the third Of whales
    Doctor carrots the third Of whales

    My favorite video on this channel