Stuff Made Here

Stuff Made Here
Stuff Made Here

I build all kinds of things and hopefully share them in an entertaining way. A lot of my builds are fabrication projects but I also write software, make electronics, and more.

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Raleigh, NC 27675

  • Husqvarna Enduro
    Husqvarna Enduro

    6:07 Is there someone else who can see the creepy wood eye looking directly to the camera?

  • Fitness Samurai
    Fitness Samurai

    Wow so cool, thanks. Let's get this subscribed. :) How long does it actually take you to build something like that?

  • Technical Deep
    Technical Deep

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  • Technical Deep
    Technical Deep

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  • Jurg Steyn
    Jurg Steyn

    You should have polished the parts

  • Adam Barker
    Adam Barker

    It would be Foreman at the hands of Tyson-Bot but still...

  • suckerpinch

    Great video! I have often felt like you did when generating toolpaths and have come to love black-box function optimizers for cases where I know the problem is "kinda convex" and just don't feel like debugging the math!

  • flare21

    make a robot that plays piano so it can play rush e on a real piano that would be fabulous

  • loge99

    I really don’t thin ka random guy will design a better lock then big companies who have been in business for multiple centuries lol…

    • Diako Unknown 12
      Diako Unknown 12

      Nah, it's highly possible Lock companies produce parts in mass. Meaning, there will be many errors in manufacturing by lock companies. So, a meticulously crafter lock, specifically designed with a goal in mind, for several months like this one. Can easily beat mass produced locks with thousands produced daily. Companies are typically in it for the money, not the product.

  • Connie Grunwald
    Connie Grunwald

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  • Connie Grunwald
    Connie Grunwald

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  • Connie Grunwald
    Connie Grunwald

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  • Zokerzone

    hey wich programm do you use to draw the sketch

  • vr

    Buglars often sew half-door and just get in. Or break in through a window.

  • Joseph Ball
    Joseph Ball

    Software only, yessir, I see NO hardware work being done here.

  • J H
    J H

    Wow I have never seen a more perfect couple! It’s almost like y’all are the same person just opposite genders!! She is beautiful too! Congratulations on having a happy, beautiful family and a BADASS CAREER!👍🏻 You’re a lucky man!! I’m definitely subscribing now!!

  • StrikeWave

    ""i found a locksmith that specialises in picking locks" isnt that what all locksmiths do?

  • J H
    J H

    16:10 The Moment I noticed he’s wearing a “Binford” T-shirt.......... I FUCKING LOVE IT!!! 🤘🏻

  • Connie Grunwald
    Connie Grunwald

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  • Musc

    Could you design it so the shells fire into the ball rather than in the opposite direction?

  • Ryan Stallard
    Ryan Stallard

    "It'll never be commercially viable." I don't know, who would have thought that wires only a few atoms across would be commercially viable, yet computers are everywhere.

    • Diako Unknown 12
      Diako Unknown 12

      Cheap Computers cost hundreds of dollars, cheap locks are typically a few bucks, so there. I can't tell if this is sarcasm but here it is anyway.

  • One Musical Boi
    One Musical Boi

    what is 'de-gloving'

  • mrpisarik

    Plot twist: he missed ; in the code and now the whole house moves, while backboard rests in the same place.

  • Nostamine

    12:20 ... ah yes i imagine someone stealing your tormach through the window .....

  • Carlos Rios
    Carlos Rios

    5:17 dirt lifestyle?

  • ckpotato

    For finding the ball, could you not have done a sort on the nearest object to the camera & assume that's the ball? It's nearly always the case it will be closest.

  • Henry Whatley
    Henry Whatley

    Him:don’t look up degloving Me: why not **looks degloving up** Me five seconds later: how to unsee a image

  • Simon

    4:40 "Nose-picking" Looool "did you mean lock-picking?" lmao

  • zoladkow

    Talkin hands and no dad jokes? Creepy!

  • Jake Jackson
    Jake Jackson

    @10:27 are you learning Chinese??? Just when I thought you couldn't get any cooler. 我非常喜欢你所有的影片!

  • Craig Wall
    Craig Wall

    I was building a dilithium warp drive bat...when you warned me, "Don't do this at home." Keen words, Good timing.

  • Benjamin Fraser
    Benjamin Fraser

    micro center is like jaycar

  • Darkmoon Slayer
    Darkmoon Slayer

    The sponsor segment was so cute and wholesome and I loved it

  • Albert Filice
    Albert Filice

    I'm living to see that tree one hit KO

  • lb dino
    lb dino

    don't look up degloving- I did it for you and I regret having eyes

  • AirIUnderwater

    So... when can I buy Stuff locks for my doors?

  • Noah Taylor
    Noah Taylor

    Would heating the steel help it form without much deformation?

  • El Loco
    El Loco

    Is it bad that i automatically thought this would be a great weapon

  • Hreljin

    Good content. :)

  • Michael Bobman
    Michael Bobman

    Make a 44 magnum version. Call it the Dirty Harold.

  • Bazingo Salt
    Bazingo Salt

    Auto desk inventor program, ahhhhhhhhh

  • Connie Grunwald
    Connie Grunwald

    The economic hand thessaly waste because pajama fortuitously fetch into a robust peak. general gentle, jaded bucket

  • Outlawed Modder
    Outlawed Modder

    Now it would be cheaper to make it out of steel XD

  • Outlawed Modder
    Outlawed Modder

    Thought that was 2x4 was thinking you spent 200$ on work XD

  • Kush Patel
    Kush Patel

    What app are you using on the iPad during min 4?

  • Andrew Tijerina
    Andrew Tijerina

    I’d put 20 on LPL picking this in 10 minutes...

  • NoStereo

    Oh how many times I have had a CNC machine cut into itself accidentally. They really will do exactly what you tell them to do.

  • Javarafi MC
    Javarafi MC

    8:30 this is what we all waited for

  • JackDNF

    This is like those hackers in 8 Ball Pool that use trickshots to win everytime

  • zamby _person1
    zamby _person1

    I googled it

  • christopher :v
    christopher :v

    Eat the bat.

  • Nsmbandpokemon

    How Yankees players feel because of the short porch

  • Dr. Poggers69
    Dr. Poggers69

    Married his sister

  • Godlike Cynaddol
    Godlike Cynaddol

    So when are you going to the lock picking lawyer your lock?

  • Joel Correa4108
    Joel Correa4108

    me:just goes through the back door

  • Stick Brightling
    Stick Brightling

    Called a locksmith once, they bitch picked it for about 28 seconds and then drilled it out.

  • Mitch’s M340i
    Mitch’s M340i

    How are there 6K thumbs down on this? What is wrong with you people??

  • Camerun Chelsia
    Camerun Chelsia

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  • GrahamFilms

    Noooooooooo I looked up deglovingggggggggg **Pukes**

  • Justin Mac
    Justin Mac

    Lmaooo CNC machine will only do what we tell it too!!!

  • Justin Mac
    Justin Mac

    Im a certified machinist! And I love your channel bro.

  • Chris Scott
    Chris Scott

    Haha I love what you had on your screen, how to deal with failure and move on

  • Cuong Nguyen
    Cuong Nguyen

    This work is amazingly good. You are a real engineer. Makes me question my life choice of becoming a scientist. Engineering was much cooler!

  • Gregg Ayres
    Gregg Ayres

    Seriously do not look it up 🤢🤮

  • Jango The Peanut
    Jango The Peanut

    1:39 the dude at the top right saying use a 50 bmg lol

  • PoloSeek

    this is the man to create flying shoes.

  • Misac Tiba
    Misac Tiba

    I just died when I saw the brazillian dog meme on the upper screen.